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April 14, 2006 at 9:11 pm

Maison Desrochers Volume One

So I guess I will try this blog thing…My life is filled with mommy stuff mostly, which I wouldn’t change for anything. I am lucky to be able to stay home with my gaggle of boys. Let’s see, Seth will be six on the 27th which I can’t believe. I never imagined six years will have gone by that quickly. His new thing is starting tee ball next weekend. It is the first organized sporting thing he has tried, I have my fingers crossed. Gabe just turned two and boy are his two’s terrible, but they are also very cute at times. He is all boy…anything with a ball he is into. All the men in his life are in a tizzy because he is already a great pitcher and he is left handed. Since the new addition arrived all of the sudden Gabe has been talking up a storm and he is the most strong willed of the bunch. He hate’s to hear no, but he loves to scream it! And then there is Nathan who is eight weeks now. He is starting to do a little better differentiating night from day, but it still is pretty rough sleep wise around here. He is cute for his mannerisms. Little things like when he stretches he always puts just one hand into a fist and then shakes it up over his head. His most endearing little thing is that when he is nervous or unsure his chin quivers. He just started smiling which is the most amazing cure for a sleepless night!
So Easter weekend is upon us and I just spent a crazy afternoon at Walmart picking up all the trappings of Easter baskets. Jelly beans, chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies, malted eggs, Star Wars guys, Transformers and some rattles for the baby. Insanity I tell you. I of course will sneak a few things as I put together those baskets tonight. Too good to pass up I tell you! I must also iron the coordinating outfits for the boys, which Jessica will now roll her eyes at while she reads this. This years theme is blue and orange. All the boys are wearing blue and orange checked/plaid shirts. The older two have matching striped ties, so yesterday I bought John and orange and blue striped tie as well. I know, I am insane, but it brings me great joy. I will not match like last years stripe theme, couldn’t find anything suitable in the color scheme for my just had a baby body. But give me the pleasure of my matching Gap ad as my family likes to tease, for goodness sake–I have no girls to do the Easter dress, ruffled socks, mary janes and an Easter bonnet for. So I will take my coordinated pictures first thing Sunday morning before the oh so rough and tumble Gabriel has a chance to either put a whole in the knee or drool chocolate on his tie.
So that is the news from Maison Desrochers…off to clean up the remnants of Lego Eggos and load the dishwasher! Momma D

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