April 21, 2006 at 9:14 pm

Seth and His Many Projects…

Seth’s spring break is coming to a close, which brings both good and bad. Usually we only get to see tired Seth after all day Kindergarten, so it has been a pleasure this week to spend time with the creative Seth I have been missing. He made sculptures out of the recycling bin and his own snow globe of sorts in a soda bottle. He built a cardboard fort and an obstacle course emerged in John’s newly cleaned up garage. He learned to fill water balloons himself and created a giant “car wash” on the back lawn to clean off all of his outside toys and ready them for spring. It has also been great to not set an alarm and let everyone wake up when they may. But Monday will come soon enough and to compensate for the 6:45 alarm will be the fact that I can juggle just two little boys for a chunk of time during the day and maybe, and that’s a big maybe, I will get to catch up on laundry and make it so you can see the floor of the playroom. We shall see.

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