April 29, 2006 at 9:15 pm

My Mean Girls Moment

So I took Seth and his best friend Jeremy to a birthday party today. Another boy in their class turned six this week too. And I had a moment that absolutely made my heart sink. While talking to the birthday boy’s mother I asked her if she was from the area, or if they had recently moved here. So she looks at me, gives me a half smile and replies that her and I were in the same class in high school. I couldn’t believe it. What makes it worse is that it is the SECOND time this has happened this year, a mother of one of the girls in Seth’s class said the same thing to me last fall. So there I am, quickly trying to back track and at the same time desperately searching my brain for a tidbit of something, anything, reminding me of her. But nothing comes and all I can see are horrible scenes of all of those awful Lindsey Lohan movies. You know, all of the snotty, self-centered, world-revolves-around-me girls. And I know I wasn’t one of them. I distinctly remember I was not one of them, and yet twice this year I have been put in my place and reminded that maybe I don’t see outside of my circle as much as I thought I did and as much as I should.

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