May 9, 2006 at 9:16 pm

TBall, Swing Sets & Baby Pics…

So Seth had his first Tball game on Saturday. My son is on the Phillies, which makes Poppy’s year. He is number 1, primarily because he wears the jersey intended for the coach. They ran out of jerseys, there were three left-two smalls and a mens large and two little girls and Seth left. So chivalry won out and my son wears a jersey that goes past his knees and takes forever to tuck into his pants, but it makes for some awesome pictures. So the first game was against the White Sox, and it being Tball nobody wins, nobody gets out, and everyone bats every inning. Seth did suprisingly well, paying attention 85n the time. He played infield positions the whole game and had a few good throws. And it being Seth, there was a comical moment–he was the first batter up in the first inning and managed to break the tee on his first swing. So the game halted while every man on the field looked for a pocket knife to cut down the tee because of course they have only one. But a dad in the stands came to the rescue and the game went on. The best part about the game was that there were ELEVEN family members there to cheer him on. We were everywhere, by the dugout, behind the backstop, and in the stands. Everyone knew his name by the end of the game.
We have started swing set construction today. Somehow I got roped into it. It was supposed to be a men’s project, but the kit came via the UPS man at 11:45 this morning and the next thing I know it is five after twelve and I am in the garage with John helping cut down the lumber. So all the wood is prepped and the actual construction will happen tomorrow and the next day. Brian save me!
And the last thing to add is that Nate had his picture done this week and it is the cutest thing ever. He fell asleep at the studio and the woman spent the better part of an hour posing him like a doll and taking all of these sickening cute pictures that he will kill me for later. I can just picture him at fifteen hating the picture of him surrounded in that candy blue color holding a tiny bear. But then again, Seth’s picture from that age is a naked bum shot-so it could be worse. That is the great events of the first week of May 2006 at Maison Desrochers…

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