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May 26, 2006 at 9:18 pm

The PO Promo, Boys R Us Mommy Group & Buzz Buzz

So life at Maison Desrochers is about to take a drastic swing. John has gotten a promotion at the post office and is headed to work at the Poughkeepsie city office. There are so many pros and cons to list, but in the end the pros outweigh the cons and we know it is a step we need to take. I am anxious about it, but we have been praying a lot recently about the whole job thing and we believe that God answered by putting John in the exact place that he needs to be. So that is that, and John put in his two weeks notice at New Hope tonight. And starting June 12th our house will join the ranks of the normal day shift schedule. No more 4 to midnights. It will be odd. He has been working evenings for three years. To put that into perspective of our little family-that is half of Seth’s life and all of Gabe and of course Nate’s. So we are holding our breath and taking a leap of faith…
The big news in Momma D’s life is I now have a playgroup (big smile here!!!), something I have been desperately missing since leaving MA. It is two other moms; one with a six month old boy and one with a two and one year old boys. So we are going to be hanging out at my house on Wednesdays doing the mom thing; discussing oh such lovely things as potty training, spitting up, the whole nine…It is so very good to be around people again who’s lives revolve around these things as well.
And finally, Brian and Mom should brace themselves now, Seth and Gabe got their summer dos this week. Since Miss Erin is out on maternity leave and we do not know when she will reappear we did the one thing we could to get Gabriel’s mop under control, which was to take out the buzzers. So #4 crew cuts it is. And I know that a certain group of people will miss their hair and tell me it was a great length, yadda, yadda, yadda—but we had to do what we had to do, all the while perpetually singing Laurie Berkner’s Buzz, Buzz (parents of toddlers know of what I speak).
So you are officially caught up on the Desrochers news for the fourth week of May, 2006

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