John Seth

September 27, 2006 at 9:38 pm

The man in uniform and the cool independent kid…

So it is official. John is permanent at the Post Office. And with that came his uniform allowance. So after a stress filled evening of list making, catalog pricing and website comparisons John ordered his official Post Office gear. And last week he woke me at 4:45 am to take his picture the first day he wore the whole shebang. And in his own John way he wears the coolest getup allowed under the code of regulations. So instead of the ringer tees and denim that I have been washing for three years, and the Grotonwood tees and carpenter pants before that, I now do loads of various shades of blue. And in totally John fashion, he can’t wait for it to rain so he can wear the pith helmet and snow so he can wear the big fuzzy hat.
And speaking of cool, Seth came home last week to tell us that the Principal had announced to the whole school that they must wear coats to school now. But not just coats, he tells me, but the ones that zip all the way up the front. So he now refuses to wear a windbreaker or his anorak, he has busted out the zip up khaki canvas coat that of course zips all the way up the front. And with that he excitedly grabbed the camo knit hat with brim that he was wild about when we went school shopping. And despite it being closed to seventy degrees that morning, I pulled up at the school and watched my first grader unbuckle himself, kiss his brothers good-bye, pull open the door to the minivan, yell “bye mom”, and take off at a dead run down the path to the school–all the while with his coat and back pack bouncing behind him as he ran. Because what is the point of a coat that zips all the way up if you can’t leave it blowing in the breeze?

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