October 10, 2006 at 9:02 pm

Seth The Accident Prone and Brave

So I did not get my blog done last week, but there is a very good reason for that. Seth the Accident Prone had a doozy of a Wednesday. Last Wednesday John had the day off. First weekday he has had off since he started at the PO in June. But because he had to spend all day yesterday, which was a holiday, doing postal collections they gave him a day off last week. So we put the little boys down for a nap and took the monitor outside with us and started on some of the fall yard work that needed to be done. Now after cutting back the hydrangea’s and harvesting some of my impatien seeds I came inside to Google what to do with my gladiolas for the winter. And that is when I realized that I had left the phone inside. And the answering machine was flashing, flashing, flashing, and I had missed all kinds of calls, and as I reach for the phone it starts ringing and I have a sinking feeling. It’s my mom, and the school nurse is looking for me.SOoooo, here we go…during reccess Seth managed to fall from the monkey bars trying to get out of the way of another kid. And he was in shock. And I had to bring him to the Pediatrician to treat the shock and have him checked. So with Seth in laa laa land staring out the back window not talking (Seth not talking ?!?) I drive him to see Dr. Trivedi. And while we wait for the Dr his elbow starts to swell. And then we are off to the ER for x-rays. And there are two breaks on the left arm, the wrist and the elbow. And apparently the elbow in little kids is really bad because of the growth plates. So they splint him and put him in a sling, after they splint his bear Mel so he knows what will happen. And the next day we are off to Rye to see a Pediatric Orthopedist. As in Rye, over the Tappan Zee bridge past White Plains. And they cast him from his fingers all the way up to the arm pit…And all the while there is no crying, no screaming, no fussing. He is a trooper. He is most upset that the kid that swung onto the monkey bars without waiting for him to finish didn’t say he was sorry. And although our soccer season has ended abruptly and there is no gym until December, he could care less cause the doctor told him that it was okay to play Gamecube.My skin is getting thicker since the two seperate stitches incidents and the tooth vs. bedpost fiasco. So we have survived. And we are back to the specialist on Thursday to check to make sure things are healing properly. And Seth has an array of different color Sharpies with which you may sign his cast.

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