Gabriel Seth

October 17, 2006 at 8:59 pm

The Desrochers Boys Strike Again…

Sooo, a remarkable 12 days after his brother’s run in with the monkey bars the superhero wanna-be Gabriel was in an imaginary battle with his favorite foe, Seth Mason, and fell from the chair on which he was perched in order to level the height playing field. And there to catch him was the coffee table, but not before giving him what all superheroes need…a battle scar. So another evening of medical intervention later he has one stitch on the inside of his lip and some Durabond glue on the exterior patching him up. And today he is already in the midst of a battle of epic proportions involving Star Wars guys.

The Desrochers boys are keeping urgent care and the emergency room in business around here, and #3 isn’t even walking yet. And it has begun to become routine to me, I am remarkably calm now in the face of whatever disaster they keep throwing my way. That being said, thanks to Uncle Brian for babysitting the other two and thanks to Mom & Terry for Suture Patrol- because no matter how routine this is beginning to get my heart cannot handle holding my kid down while they stitch my kid closed. I am blessed with a husband and parents who will do the dirty work while I listen from the waiting room (and yes, you can still hear them screaming through three walls).

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