April 5, 2007 at 9:42 pm

And they call it puppy love…

Yesterday was a big day in the Desrochers household. After years of pestering, John finally gave in and let us get a dog. She is a 10 week old miniature daschund that we have named Ginger. The boys love her, and in her puppy frisky state she is fitting right in with the wrestling and rolling around on the floor. Each boy has their own thing with her. Seth is hesitant to touch or hold her, but has developed a game of catch with a stuffed easter bunny that she loves. Nate and Ginger crawl around together, her pouncing on him, him burrying his head to keep her licks off of his face. And Gabe, well Gabe has been waiting for this moment since he was three months old and fell in love with the Henry’s dogs next door. The look on his face when he realized that she was coming home with us was wonderful. And he held her non-stop from that moment on in the store. She rode home on his lap. He “walked” her this morning in the backyard, still in his footy pajamas with work boots over top. Of course things are a bit harder for John and I, the crying at night, the wimpering if I don’t hold her during the day. It is very much like having another baby, but we remember that this too will pass and she too will grow up. But for now she is snuggled in my lap while I sit and type this, and every Desrochers has a case of puppy love…

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