May 22, 2007 at 8:39 pm

PR Information

Thank you for your interest in my blog.  Momma D and Da Boyz began producing quality content and building a readership in April of 2009.  In March of 2011 I began contributing to the regional radio station, Thunder 102, during their morning program.  I currently guest co-host at least one morning a month and get to feature my favorite events, products or happenings with the blog to the large Catskill and northeast Pennsylvania audience.

I have worked with many national brands on blog promotions and campaigns including but not limited to:

Sears Photo Studio
Delta Faucets
Little Tikes

I am a Wilton Mom Ambassador.  I have also been a Brand Ambassador for Jockey and an Infantino Test Drive Mom.

I have participated in a brand event sponsored by Fox Home Entertainment on the set of the Tooth Fairy 2.  I have also been to the Wilton Mom reTreat as a special guest in April and June 2011.


Featured post on The Stir by Cafemom: A Quick Reminder

Contributor in post on The Stir by Cafemom: 5 Things To Say To A Mom After Miscarriage


As a household we consist of:

35 year old female
33 year old male
13 year old male
9 year old male
7 year old male
4 year old male

We are interested in:

-Clothing & Accessories
-Household Items
-Kitchen Gadgets
-Tech: We have a PC, Wii, Xbox 360 and several Nintendo 3DS XLs
-Books: Adult female reader, 13 year old avid male reader, Children’s books
– Toys

Here at Momma D and Da Boyz we are happy to provide the following service:

Review and Giveaway Options:

Please contact me if you are interested in having me review your products and/or offer a giveaway on my site. These services are provided free of charge but any sample/products that are sent to Momma D and Da Boyz for review are considered samples and are non returnable. I agree to review your product and link to you in the review.

If this is a review/giveaway combination, one sample for review will be provided and another sample for giveaway. I will link to your site and require a visit and a comment regarding the products on that site for entry into the giveaway. I promote my blog through both facebook and twitter, as well as on many blogger related sites. It is beneficial for both you and I that I promote the giveaway as much as possible and will make every attempt to do so. Offering a giveaway is a great way to drive traffic to your site. I ask that you ship the prize directly to the winners. Contests are open to US contestants only unless otherwise noted.

Sponsored Posts:

I will produce original content for you at a standard rate.  All sponsored posts are labeled as such, in compliance with the FTC disclosure recommended procedures.  Please email me for current rates and to propose a sponsored post.  I reserve the right to turn down posts that I feel are not relevant to my readers.

Please also feel free to contact me regarding placing an ad on our site at a very affordable rate!  Rates are $3/CPM.  As this changes as the site grows, when you email I will be able to give you the current ad rate.

Inquires and pitches can be sent to Jennifer at MommaDandDaBoyz(at)gmail(dot)com

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