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May 22, 2007 at 9:32 pm

Stages of Boyhood….

need to get back into the habit of my weekly blog. I was looking over the blogs I did last year and it was enjoyable to remember the snipits in time. And is life, the boys are getting older and older and life is more and more a three ring circus.

Seth is in his second year of teeball. This years team is the Florida Marlins. It is amazing how much he has grown, matured and improved. One of his best friends, his classmate Isaiah, is on his team. The two of them are definitely two peas in a pod. Both easily distracted, both talkaholics who jibber jabber over each other. But the enthusiasm that they each have for the other when they get up to bat is heartwarming. To watch Isaiah hang on the dugout fence and chant Seth, Seth, Seth while watching intently is a wonderful thing. And to see my eldest return the support. I loved it. The friendships of children are so simple, so uncomplicated and unconditional.

Gabriel is pretty much potty trained now. I am lovin it. But now that the goal is accomplished, the motivation seems so very far away for my little three year olds psyche. He has learned to wear the brightly colored and themed undergarments in order to attend his hearts desire, preschool. Most mornings as the brood piles into the minivan he asks if today is the coveted day that he will at last attend his own class. And I am constantly repeating the mantra of the order of events. After the summer and swim class we get to go to preschool. The day cannot come soon enough for him. Although he is very excited that “gabriel go swim class”. It is the first event that he gets to partake in after watching the elder sibling for all of these years. Too bad soccer is one year off and teeball is two years off for my little sports fanatic.

And Nathan, now nathan is my little chubba-a-lub buddha baby. After having Seth the Slight and Gabriel the Solid, we now are encountering Nathan the Stout. By no means is he overweight or unhealthy. But after being the mother of children in the 5% for weight for so many years, to have this big boy is taking some getting used to. And he is throwing my well coordinated plan of hand me downs out of whack. The boys are all born in the spring, so after the initial few months I have always been able to go find the bucket of clothes in the basement labeled for their age. And except for a couple of special gap or old navy outfits I buy that are uniquely theirs, I have been able to let each boy wear most of the same clothes. But now Nate is throwing a wrench into things. You see at 12 months, Seth wore 12 month clothes. Likewise, at 9 months Gabriel wore 9 month clothes. But Nate in his unique fashion has shot straight through the sizes in the past few months and is about to outgrow 18 month clothes and move to the 24 month set at the tender age of 15 months. Oh well, between that and his wide feet-he is making sure to get his own stuff.

So that is the latest update on the boys. Off to bed because all too soon the alarm will go off and lunchboxes will need to be packed and chubby feet will need to be velcroed into their striderite sneakers marked with a “w”.

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