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June 13, 2007 at 9:44 pm

The Memories of Music…

So I added this playlist thing-a-ma-bobber to my page. And it was fun and retrospective at the same time. I was waiting for John to come home from softball practice tonight, and the house was hushed with the quiet calm that comes like a heavy exhale of breathe once the boys are finally down to bed for the night. So I started putting songs on a playlist. An odd eclectic mix of things that make up the moments of my life. And by the time he got home I had compiled a audio scrapbook of so many snipets in time…
So for those of you who have known me forever and a day, this will make more sense to you than to others. A little retrospective. The Keith Green reminds me of all of the records my parents played in the parsonage back in the day. The Amy Grant reminds me of visiting Mike Stang around the corner, he always had the newest release of hers. And Petra, well Petra was the soundtrack of my early eighties. It reminds me of Terry and the Record Club, and my very first concert. It reminds me of how when my parents turnd on the radio in the winter for school delay info I was so confused about why everyone was singing about love and heartache. I had been surrounded by so much Christian music that it sounded strangely odd to my ears. And I had to add a version of “Amazing Grace” as it is what my grandmother would whisper in my ear, a private moment of our shared middle name.
Chicago, now that was my very first music I owned. And it was my one and only actual record, a 45. Def Lepard to commemorate the sixth grade graduation dance, the coming of age moment, my first boyfriend, and the awkward impromptu first kiss in the shadows at the edges of the street lights on Lincoln Place. Brown-eyed girl for Holly and Jen, the one moment when every time Holly and I would link arms and yell “green” in solidarity to drown out the strains of brown. The theme from Robin Hood for Kim & Kathy and the decade long obsession of Kevin Costner (she went through my window!) The Desiree song because my high school boss told me in a car ride home one night that this song reminded him of what I could be, the potential I had. Lady in Red for the first John, and dancing in the wings of the high school musical and the prom. And “All for Love” jointly for John and my twins who gave him the shove he needed for a first kiss and an unforgettable memory. Steve Miller Band for Lisa at my summer office job who taught me an appreciation of classic rock and the voice of Janis Joplin. Jars of Clay reminds me of finding my faith and my footings and foundation in it.
No woman, no cry reminds me of moving into my dorm and my freshman year roommate, Robin. She gave me an appreciation of Bob Marley, Ella Fitzgerald and Natalie Merchant. The soundtrack of my first year of independence. Pearl Jam for Matt and the pavlovian response. One Fine Day for Mai with whom I shared my first apartment and an absolute love for the Clooney movie by that name. Third Day for Haverst Christian Fellowship and all it was as a compass in a trying time. Allison Kraus for summers w/Kim and Kathy and the love of “Hope Floats” and all of the one-liners we quoted forever. (Dancing is just a conversation between two people. Talk to me) And Landslide for Kathy and our sleepover at the Woodstock site. Iris for that summer, a day in the garden, and Patrick. I Will Remember You for Jonathan, who from the very first week, it was the perfect song. Jennifer Knapp, the cd to which I healed by and which prepared me for the biggest whirlwind of my life. She helped make me whole again.
Barbeque stain by Tim McGraw for John, the song we would sing to in the yellow convertable driving around Boston as you introduced me to Massachusetts. Dave Matthews for my beloved who adores this man, and gave up a chance to see him to elope with me. Creed to commemorate the pregnancy of Seth, and because they didn’t have “arms wide open”, the song John used to hum to my pregnant belly. Macy Gray, the song of my first dance with my first born son. All four and a half pounds of him that i held on my shoulder and sang to, never more in love with anything. My Best Friend, John and my wedding song that says so very much. Ginny Owens for Jessica and the beautiful song she introduced to me, and anthem I would sing in my car all alone on the top of my lungs. And also for Jesa, Roxanne and the random phone calls and voice mails that moulin rouge instigated.
Vertical Horizon for John’s LDP’s and how he loved that song and it’s meaning for his faith, as well as one of his all time favorites, the Christmas Song. Nicole C Mullen because it is just beautiful and powerful. Tiny Dancer for Kimmie and the first time we saw Tim McGraw together at the Pepsi Arena. Gabriel & the Vagabond for my own little angel, Gabriel Joseph. Kenny Chesney for all three boys and the meaning they have given my life. Delirious for my camp kids, old, new and very old for the headaches and great joy the have given me. Every summer brings a new and wonderous experience. Gavin Degraw who brings things full circle, a memory of watching him play in high school and college and then going to see him at a sold out show with thousands screaming his name. And Taylor Swift who reminds me to remember the memories of every song.

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