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June 24, 2007 at 9:45 pm

The temperature is 104.4

My sister-in-law commented on my lack of blogging about my latest adventure, so Cherie-this is for you!
I am home again, home again…I spent the majority of last week on a mini retreat in a lovely room overlooking downtown Middletown, NY. From Monday until Thursday I resided in room 435 of Orange Regional Medical Center. I had some still undetermined ailment that allowed for my temperature to hover in the neighborhood of 104.4 for three days. Yeah, that is a full six degrees above the normal temperature that I prefer to function at. So after CAT scans, x-rays and a spinal tap they decided that the best course of action would be to just pump me full of anti-viral and antibiotics until it went away. Late Tuesday night was the last sign of a fever and I got to come home to my hustle and bustle on Thursday.
In the midst of the chaos I did miss my first big school event, although John did get to attend in my absence. Seth received and Outstanding Student award for first grade. And as of Friday he is officially a second grader in Mrs. Poley-Gorr’s class.
We are on vacation this week, and because I am still exhausted from my escapade we had to cancel our planned excursion to Great Wolf Lodge. Luckily we hadn’t told the kids we were going so no harm, no foul. But we are daytripping this week, doing some fun little stints with the kids. Today we visited Fort Deleware in Narrowsburg, highlighted by the firing of a cannon that the boys loved. Tomorrow we shall have a day at Mongaup Pond with Anja. An enjoyable week of relaxation stretches ahead of us….

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