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August 12, 2007 at 8:48 pm

A toothless kissing superhero

The Desrochers boys are doing what they do best, being a gaggle of wrestling, flailing arms and legs, giggles and priceless moments. Here are some of the little day to day musings I have been privy to…

Seth finally lost his first tooth, after the better part of three months. He had this overwhelming fear of how much losing the tooth would hurt. He wasn’t eating anything he had to bite into, for fear it would come out in an apple or something. So the tooth behind it come pretty much all the way in, and we had begun to call him shark tooth, for the two rows of teeth. But by midweek, his tooth was so loose it was crazy. So on their way up to bed at the ceremonious bathroom stop, John told him he was just taking it out. And on the first pull it didn’t work, so he tried a second time, and that time it came out. But to Seth’s astonishment, he hadn’t even realized and asked John to try a third time. Upon reealizing that the pain was not so bad, he is frantically wiggling a new loose tooth to try and reap the fairy rewards.

Nathan has finally learned to give you a kiss. Up until this week when you went to kiss him he gave you his forehead. Sometimes so forcefully it was a full on headbutt. I have had several a fat lip in the last year or so. But upon watching his brothers give me a kiss goodnight, he decided to finally join the procession. And we got so excited, everyone clapping and such, he now feels that every kiss is cause for celebration. Which I guess isn’t a bad thing.

And Gabe’s little tidbit is my favorite. On Saturday, when we had no playdates, swim classes or storytimes to attend; John asked the boys to meet him for lunch in Monticello. So at the agreed upon time, we met him at Wendy’s. And as it was his lunch break from work, he was in all his postal gear-mail bag and all. So we had a nice little lunch, and after John got them all buckled into the car and said goodbye we watched him start delivering mail again. There is a children’s tv show called Higglytown Heroes, where they salute all of the people who have a part in your normal everyday life. So Seth says, “Look Gabe, Dad is a Higglytown Here”, because they had seen the episode about the mailman. To which Gabe replied, watching his dad “No, he’s a Superhero”.

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