November 19, 2007 at 9:46 pm

My Napolean Dynamite

Today I was called in to substitute in Gabriel’s preschool class. And I was shocked to find that he is a quiet, go with the flow kinda guy. He mingles with all of the kids, not part of a clique or joining in with the “he’s my best friend”, “no,he’s my best friend” fights. He sits at a different table full of kids for every activity. Plays with all of them, laughs and jokes with them. And all is well and good. But in many ways it is in complete and total contrast to the Gabe I know and love (although sometimes it is more like endure) at home.

Gabriel has earned a family pet name. We refer to him as Napolean, often enough that he will answer to it. And it is because he is our tiny little dictator. Everything is black and white and his way is the right way. Many an hour has been spent trying to get hime to back down from a crazy stronghold on something like a green crayon that he will not share despite having been finished with coloring for hours.

So I guess that he must rule the roost and reign over those of us only in the kingdom that is his home. My little 3 year old Napolean.

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