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April 7, 2009 at 8:13 pm

John Minions

Seth Mason, age 7 months

Eli Noel, age 6 months

I am often told how much my boys look like their Dad. This is not a bad thing, I mean I thought he was a very cute guy when I met him. But this has led to many uncomfortable conversations and comments over the years. I remember taking Seth to the mall by myself in the suburbs of Boston. An ancient looking woman starting talking to him while I was rolling him into the store in his stroller. She literally says, “well you must look like your dad, because you look nothing like your mom!”. Oh thank you for that unsolicited lovely comment…

But whats funny is that every time we have a baby, people are convinced of one of two things. There is the one group that is adament that baby #3 looks just like #1 or some other combination. And then there is the group that is just as adament that this baby looks nothing like the others. As the mother of all four who has been there pretty much every day of each of their little lives, I can confidently say they all look remarkably similar.

The exception is Gabriel, who has more of my pale coloring and the mop of brown hair he has had since birth. We refer to it as his mojo (combined with his dimple that makes most people of the female persuasion melt regardless of age!). That hair is what prompted the receptionist at the ob/gyn when we went for our first checkup after he was born to announce to the entire room, “oh, he makes you look like you belong in your own family!”. But even so, he is still very similar in facial structure, the hair just throws you off a bit.

When Seth was born it took me three days to figure out any feature that came from me. Over the first few weeks I found three, and the same three show up in all of the boys. I guess my contribution to the otherwise very dominant Desrochers genes I suppose. So when you look at my little bubby’s, those funky toes, the perfect heart shaped upper lip and prominent line to their nose and those gray-blue eyes (all a reflection of my mom’s eyes) are the parts that scream Jenn.

Other than that, the most recent example of what it is to have what Seth refers to as “daddy’s minions” running around is this. John went to a monthly meeting at the fire house a couple months back. The next monday a teacher’s aide went up to my sister at school and asked if Seth’s dad was a fireman. To which Jes replied why yes he is, why? The woman then says that she was at the meeting and in walked a really big Seth…

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  1. What’s up with that? 9 months per kid, and you constantly have to hear how they don’t look anything like you. Sometimes it gets to you, no matter how good looking their dad is.

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