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April 7, 2009 at 1:11 am

Spring Break (with hopes of no other breaks!) 2009

This week will definitely be a challenge. It is school vacation week, and in my world that means all four boys home alone with me. I am the mother of four sons, and I am often asked how I handle that or get these sympathetic “all boys?” raised eyebrow expressions. And most days it is manageable, despite the fact they are all under the age of 9. But most days they are all going in different directions.

Seth is a third grader. He leaves early in the morning with John, goes to Latchkey for half an hour before school, and stays until my sister Jes who is a teacher brings him home after school. Then he has an hour to do homework and reading. Gabriel is in pre-K at the public school program. He goes to school at about noon every day for the afternoon. So that leaves me with a large chunk of the day with just Nathan and Eli.

Now there was a time many moons ago when I was the mother of one when I felt I had no time to myself, no time alone with my husband and I often felt overwhelmed with all the “mommy” stuff. And then when there were two, all those things increased exponentialy. Now that there are four, those seem like the days on easy street. So understandably when there are a gaggle of guys, having just two seems so very simple now a days.

But then Saturdays comes, and as John is a mailman he is most likely working. And it has become the least favorite day of the week. All fantastic four, and the “I’m bored”, “this is a little boys show, and I’m a big boy” and thousands of other complaints. So now I am faced with a school vacation week, I suppose a preview to that which is coming-the dreaded days of summer. And not only do I have to manage a solo performance all but one day of the week, God seems to be adding to the testing by making it the soggiest, drearierst week this year thus far.

So I am hoping to make it through the week without any of the Desrochers boys signature catastrophes. And I’m hoping to extend the (knocking HARD on wood!) fifteen month streak of no broken bones and stitches. But if today is an indication, when I turned around and found Gabriel and Nathan stacking one stool on top of another stool on top of our overstuffed armchair in an ill-fated attempt to try and get the balloon down from the ceiling, I better hold my breath and do a heck of a lot of praying!

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  1. This blog entry definately paints a wonderful picture of life at Mason Desrochers this week I can’t wait to read more

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