April 10, 2009 at 3:41 pm

Eli Is My Featherweight

Eli is my littlest guy in more ways than one. He is my youngest son and always will be. But as I had suspected, but was confirmed at last weeks well child visit, he is the tiniest of the bunch at this stage. At seven and a half months old Eli weighs a mere 16 pounds.

At his four month appointment he had significantly leveled off on the weight gain. They figured since he was just starting solids he would start gaining again. But by this appointment he had dropped 28% on the growth chart.

There are several things that helped me with this. First off, Eli is my fourth child. The pediatrician understands I pretty much know what I’m doing. Even so, with his news of the “issue” I got a lovely hand drawn graph on how the benefits of breast milk decrease after six months. I got a talk about what he should and shouldn’t be eating, etc. etc. Nothing new that I didn’t already know.

I am very thankful that that was the extent of the discussion. See my first son, Seth, was a premie. He came home at a whopping 4 1/2 lbs. The way everyone in any professional compacity talks to you when it is your first child combined with the prematurity is the equivalent of an ESL teacher speaking to a child new to this country who has never heard english before. Add in that I was in my early twenties and I was pulling my hair out wanting to scream I’ve been to college, I have taken care of children before, I am not an idiot!

But even with the prematurity, Seth had caught up by the time he was eight weeks old. He ran one month behind the growth chart for the first year, exactly the amount he was premature. With the exception of having to take him in for a weight check one month after his well child visits, all was fine. Gabriel had a minor reflux issue that by two months old we had tackled. And Nathan, well those of you who know Nathan know that if anything I have the opposite problem with him. And even as an infant, after three months when we figured out he was lactose intolerant, he has always eaten everything and anything (and as I write this I have just returned from a strawberry intervention where I have rescued the two quarts he had grabbed from the kitchen and tried to sneak to the playroom and eat). But Eli is unique in his own way.

Feeding Eli is like a marathon event. It takes about thirty minutes to coax him into eating a jar of baby food. It takes forever to get him to drink a bottle. And he is easily distracted and unlatches constantly when I feed him. He would much rather eat cheerios or fruit puffs all day long. It is craziness. It is a quest for patience in an almost always hectic household.

But I am coming to realize that Eli is exactly who he is supposed to be. He arrived about a year and a half prior to my carefully planned schedule. His name is Eli Noel Desrochers, his middle name given because he was our Christmas suprise. And his initials are my husbands sense of humor apparent to all, he is the END. All but one of the other five Desrochers family members were hoping for a girl. But he came when he was meant to join us. And he is exactly who he is supposed to be. John says he brings balance to the force. The longer he is with us, the more I realize that this prenatal statement by my husband is so very true.

He is the quietest. The most easygoing. The go with the flow little boy who can light up, beaming, and express extreme joy without making a peep. And he does things in his own time and in his own way. Hopefully gaining weight will be next on his list. In the meantime I will have to just listen to John joke that it’s all my fault, I said I wanted him to stay little forever!



  1. He is so cute. I am following from the MBC Follow Me Club. Look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Awwwww! He’s such a cutie! He’ll probably be just like my Princess Nagger is – she just had her 6 year check up, and like she’s been every year, she’s at the 10-percentile of weight for her age/height. She’s thin, but she’s healthy…

    She can still fit in some 5T clothes (though if it’s pants or jeans, they tend to be a little too short…) But with her, I was able to get 2 seasons out of her clothes, so that was a nice benefit…(grin!) Her pediatrician joked that she should enjoy it now, because it could always change later down the road… 😉

    One of my best friend’s oldest son was the same way, too – a lightweight as an infant and now that he’s 10, he’s tall and lean whereas his 6 year old brother is lovingly referred to as ‘Bubba’ – the 10 year old would make a great baseball player, the 6 year old would make a great football player! 😉

    Stopping by from the MBC’s Follow Me Club – I’m following you now, and it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you! 🙂

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