April 12, 2009 at 1:38 am

A Sick Momma D

I start this post with a warning that this is not the normal easy banter of my regular bloggings about my family. Many of my current readers are friends of mine on facebook and have read tidbits from either my sister or myself in the last 28 hours. It is difficult for me to talk about at the moment, but is easiest to write.

Late yesterday I started to not feel so well. In fact, I went downhill very very quickly. Buy about this time last night I ended up in the emergency room running a high fever with severe right sided abdominal pain. I have a history of ovarian cyst, but the fever also had me thinking it might be an appendicitis. After a rather drawn out wait, they called me into the ER and started testing. They took my temp and it was 102.2 highly medicated. They drew my blood work. We waited for the results. They took my blood again, I was told because the lab had an issue and my white counts were low compared to my fever. We took a CT scan. And we waited again.

It is never a good thing when the ER doctor is upset and wringing his hands. I am asked of my blood work history and any abnormalities. I reply with mostly pregnancy related findings. And then I am told that my white blood counts are critically low. As are my platelets. And I am highly anemic. It appears that my bone marrow is shutting down.

The one blessing of the evening is that at this point we did not have the CT results back. They were afraid we were dealing with an appendicitis. And my blood levels were too dangerous for emergency surgery if it was necessary. And if it was an appendicitis and it then burst I had too little white blood cells and go into septic shock. But in this we were blessed that it was an ovarian cyst with no inflammation of the appendix.

I was admitted to ICU with reverse isolation. As in everyone coming to see me would be wearing precautions to protect me from their germs. And then mid-morning they decided to send me home. They think my accustomed at home germs are safer than whatever super germs are roaming around the hospital. They don’t want the hospital to make me sick. And the only thing indicating any infection is a urinary tract infection, and I was given a heavy antibiotic to take home to continue the therapy of four IV’s of antibiotics that should kill anything across the entire spectrum.

So I came home today. I am waiting on appointments this week with specialists to hopefully figure out more of the extent of whatever is causing this. Most of the scenarios are not good. Truth be told the majority are rather scary.

Prayers are welcome. Many of you have offered to help, and as many doctor appointments with four children will be a lot to juggle, I may be taking you up on that. I myself am praying for miracles, God’s hand in an extremely scary situation. And I am hoping that no matter what, it is something that I can fight and win. I shudder, actually I weep at the thoughts of leaving behind boys who will not remember me in memories of their own. So pray, pray often, pray hard. And be patient with me if I cannot pick up a phone to talk. I do not trust my voice most of the time.

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