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April 14, 2009 at 12:39 am

Here’s to hoping!

Today was my appointment with my primary care physician. He reviewed all of the lab work that I had done at the hospital emergency room and has a theory that I have had a type of virus that creates some similar blood work results. As long as the test results from today’s blood work back up the doctor’s theory, I am very very happy!

I am so very grateful to my friends who helped and volunteered to give a hand. I am happy to have had the last minute help of my friend Eva, who despite being in the midst of this emotional rollercoaster, understands that I am still me and needed to print out the stickers for Seth’s pinewood derby car for the race on Friday. So thank you, Eva, for running out to my car, grabbing the sticker paper and printing them out. I still got to my appointment on time and had one less little thing nagging at the corners of my day, which today every little thing counted. Thank you to Dave, Robbi & family for taking care of Seth after school today. The bonus being that when my son goes home with his teacher, his homework was neater than I have ever seen it! And a huge thank you to Chris and Barb. Thank you for going out of your way to get Gabriel from school and bringing him over to play with your kids. Knowing that he was at a home and with people he was familar with made it easier to concentrate on other things. And to my immediate family, wether you came with me to help with the boys, were texting me for updates along the way, or were giving me pep talks all weekend long it was all very helpful. And Auntie Kimmy, thank you for the family dinner I didn’t have to worry about tonight!

I have felt very loved and blessed during this difficult time, and I truly believe that the power of prayer and the positive energy of those around me has made a world of difference. Right before I left for the doctor today, this post showed up on my computer screen “Chris says that today is the day the dr says, it was all a big mistake”. So here’s to hoping that Chris and Barb were right, and that just like their beautiful daughter Maddy, I am someone who’s freak virus caused a panic. keep the prayers coming, we need some good news!

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