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April 21, 2009 at 1:08 am

Creepy Crawlers

So I’ve decided to venture back into the world of blogging today, after taking a mental health day yesterday. But today I had a visitor for tea, my favorite newlywed woman, and although we never quite made it to actually having tea it was a wonderful few hours of chatting and remembering and catching up.

So back to my musings on my crazy life with my four little boys. The boys are resilient and doing great despite the turmoil of life around them. I am always amazed no matter how many times I do the mom thing over and over how very quickly they grow and change. I vaguely remember people telling me this before my first child arrived. And sometimes I hear myself repeating the same words to my expectant friends. But no amount of coaching, of prompting, of telling can truly prepare you for the whirlwind that being a parent becomes.

I still feel like Eli was born last week. Always I think of a teeny tiny baby in my dreams or moments away from my littlest son. And the reality is quickly becoming that he is a growing boy. This week Eli has become mobile. He has about an 80% crawl hybrid down. An awkward mess of up on his knees into a full body roll. But it gets him where he wants to go. Which is something not only mom here was surprised by.

The other morning we had a breakfast picnic on the living room floor. And mid-meal Nathan, who is newly potty-trained, had a bathroom emergency. So off he ran, up to the second floor bathroom. Only to return four minutes later to find that Eli had shimmied his way across the floor and had spread his bowl of cheerios across the floor, gleefully stuffing a fistful of his one mommy approved finger food into his mouth. Nathan was pricelessly confused, shocked, and appalled that his precious food supply had been ransacked.

So we are adjusting to a moving and shaking littlest man. And his interest in anything and everything he can put in his mouth. Including Gabriel’s Cheetos at Grandma’s house. Picture taken of course right before Mom stepped in and hijacked that puffy concoction of God only knows what it actually is in that radioactive orange powder substance.

And for the fourth time I am in awe at how quickly this moment has come. And a bit saddened, as with every milestone with my little E, that this is it. There will never be a new crawler, but soon enough I will have new middle schoolers, new drivers, and new graduates. I am enjoying the moments of now.


  1. I can totally relate, everything goes in Jake’s mouth and I’m sad about the milestones too! Great to “meet” you!

    Looking forward to reading more!

    I’m signing up to follow you from the MBC Under 100 Club!

  2. And it begins! You will not be able to relax for the next 2 years. Once they start moving it is nothing but,
    “get that out of your mouth, watch his head, and he’s gonna fall”

  3. I totally love the shot of all your cuties on your side bar! And this one is scrumptious!


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