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April 22, 2009 at 9:58 pm

Two Wet Feet

Saturday was work day at Grandma and Granpa’s house. They are putting a new deck on their house, and I have a ready-made work force. Maybe a little on the young side, but we are trying to start them in service why they are still little boys. So right before lunch on Saturday I loaded up the Durango with my crew and headed the five or so miles to Grandma’s house.

The drive was an interesting teachable moment when 5 year old Gabriel asked if we were going to Grandma and Grandpa’s to help them because they are old. Trying to tactfully balance an answer that might easily be repeated out of context. I replied that as our Grandparents get older and can do less, they get older and can do more. And that it is a wonderful thing to be able to help out. Which of course all Gabriel got out of that is that Grandpa is old. Which in the scheme of things he really is not, but then again my children think I’m ancient as well.

Grandma made a picnic lunch for the boys. Hot dogs and Cheetos. We sat on a blanket beside the house and enjoyed the somewhat brisk but spring-like day. And after a winter that seems to never want to end, it was a more than welcome change of pace. So following lunch I sat with Eli on the blanket as my three eldest donned their Home Depot aprons that Grandma had picked up and started their projects. They cleaned up the odds and ends of wood left from demolition, raked up little pieces and disposed of them, and even picked up the rocks around the area of where the new decking will go. But soon enough the little men started to tire. And excitedly asked if they could go on an adventure.

An adventure is an all too rare occassion in the Desrochers household. We live in town. In the center of town, in fact. And we have a very small yard. But we live on one of the main thoroughfares in not only our town but our entire county. So going outside is a test in Mom’s patience and sanity. I am a mother hen always gathering her chicks, counting heads, keeping tabs. Hoping and doing my best to keep them wrangled and under control so as to not let them venture near to route 52.

But Grandma and Grandpa’s house, adventures can happen there. There are woods, and apple trees. A stream and an island. A natural boy’s playground. And they can run. So in anticipation of not only the days work, but knowing that eventually they would end up in the mud and muck of the backyard, I let them wear their Star Wars shirts. That too is a rare occassion in our house. I am more of a Gap, Old Navy, polo shirts and khaki cargo pants kind of mom. The random Disney Store theme character shirt makes it into rotation every now and again. But mom is not big on a wardrobe of whatever cartoon character or video game is popular at the moment. The exception of course being that you can have whatever you want on your underpants 😉

So the hand-me-down bags from friends and family are often scavanged for the character shirts that will become play clothes. And a slew of Star Wars shirts were in the last batch. So at the top of the playclothes piles they sat. And when Saturday came, some very excited boys suited up in The Force to go to their grandparents house.

And I sat in the swing in the back of the house, holding Eli in my lap, and watched the boys play at a distance. Counting their hats all the while, two red, one green. But letting them be. Letting them play. Letting them get filthy. Grandma met them on what was left of the old back porch and stairs, and they ate pina colada and mango ice’s. It was a good afternoon.

The one instruction I gave was to stay out of the water, it was still frigid and I had no back up clothes in the SUV. But as boys will be boys, Nate the Great had to drive home barefoot with his drenched socks balled up in his shoes on the seat beside him.


  1. What a sweet post. Boys are fantastic!

  2. Today is catch up day, I have not had a chance to read anything this week. Sounds like a fun day. Some day he and Maddy can sit together with their wet muddy feet!

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