A Thousand Word Thursday Eli Gabriel

April 23, 2009 at 5:47 am

A Thousand Word Thursday

I came across this on several of the other mom blogs I have started to read on a regular basis. It’s called a thousand word thursday, and you post a picture that is powerful, emotional, meaningful to you. One that is worth a thousand words. So to start what I hope to be a weekly happening, I have chosen this picture.

This was taken the last few moments that I spent with the boys when I was pregnant. And Gabriel, from the second we told him he was to be a big brother again, felt a special connection to his littlest brother. He was the one that wished and prayed for a baby brother when the rest of the world in its entirety was banking on a little girl. He was the one who was absolutely convinced that it would be another “brownie” like him and I (as in brunette). And as we dropped the boys off at my mother’s on the way to the hospital, each boy took a moment to say goodbye. Gabriel kissed my belly and whispered “I’ll see you soon buddy”. And hours later Eli was born, with brown hair.

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  1. That is so precious!!

  2. What a sweet story and adorable photo! Welcome to ATWT. I look forward to it every week!

  3. Awww, how precious!

    On my fourth try (well, wasn’t really trying), I got a girl. Everyone else was convinced it would be another boy. lol

  4. This is beautiful! Just beautiful!

  5. what a great shots and boy oh boy you are surrounded by boys glad to have you join ATWT

  6. That is so sweet!

  7. Awwwwww. Such a beautiful post. I love, love it!

  8. such a sweet memory! when i read your caption it made me tear up. welcom to ATWT!

  9. That is just so sweet! great shot!

  10. Great shot. Love to see other moms of boys surviving the crazy; it gives me hope:)

  11. That is an amazing shot! I could feel the emotion as soon as it came up. Thanks for sharing that!

  12. You will cherish that picture for ever. TFS

  13. I am Harriet says:

    Enjoy it1

  14. This is a really great picture. I have some like this of me and Baby Girl and I LOVE them.

  15. Oh how sweet. And I love the name Eli! I wanted to name Dash that, but hubby didn’t like it because he knew someone named Eli who was a jerk LMAO Umm, ok. I think it’s a FANTASTIC name!

  16. Hey, totally understand the name thing. I have always adored the name Joshua. Do you see that I have FOUR sons, and none of them are named Joshua? Same reason, DH had a Josh that bugged him growing up…

  17. Oh, goodness…that is too beautiful. Wow!

    Happy ATWT to you!!

  18. Lovely shot and story!

  19. Awe… .I got chicken skin reading that post! WONDERFUL

  20. AW this picture is so sweet. My boys are besties!

  21. That picture is wordless, priceless and just amazing!

    Your Twitter friend,

  22. Wow! Powerful and emotional hit it right on the head! Gorgeous picture. you are truly blessed! My son John David swore up and down from the moment I became pregnant that it was a boy and that we were going to call him Luke. When we found out it was boy, the only thing we could do was name him Luke! Funny how those precious little souls somehow just know.

  23. Awwww! That is too precious! And him giving your belly a kiss and saying “I’ll see you soon buddy” – goosebumps!! 🙂

    Happy ATWT! 🙂

  24. What a beautiful picture!

  25. Such a sweet picture! Stopping by from MBC to follow and say hi 🙂

  26. That picture is beautiful!

  27. adorable picture!!!

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