April 28, 2009 at 4:27 pm

Toe Tickling

In the midst of learning to crawl, Eli has inadvertently learned to sit up. At first it surprised me, to look over when he had been wiggling around on the ground and see this tiny little thing sitting up in the middle of the living room. As soon as our eyes met, his whole face lit up. Look what I did Mom!

That was the end of last week. And today, with the apparent skipping of spring and straight into summer weather, I took him outside to sit in the grass for the first time. It amazes me to bear witness to the awe and amazement of precious moments. Still, on baby number four. It never gets old. And to watch him move his toes because the blades of grass were tickling his feet, and to hear the inquisitive coos as he leans down to grab a few struggling new strands. It warmed my heart. And apparently his older brothers as well…

And to make sure I give the most well rounded of commentaries, while I was trying to get good pictures of Eli, this is what was happening in the background with Nate & Gabriel…


  1. LOL! Those are great pictures and it looks like they were having a blast! 🙂

    Thanks for playing along!

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  3. Eli is so adorable. This is a cute age. My little guy is 8 months and watching him is just so amazing.

  4. so sweet and such fun pictures!

  5. My heart just leaped for joy with that picture of your older one kissing the baby!


  6. Love the pictures !
    Stopping from the BMC to say hi

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