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April 29, 2009 at 5:45 pm

The Dynamic Duos

Having four boys can often lead to stumbling over names and such. I never really understood the dilemma when I had an only child years ago. The grandparents would shuffle through all of the male names in the family to try and get the right one. Occasionally throwing even the lone female cousin’s name into the mix. Once there was even the dogs name, but we won’t go there! But then we added more kids, and each one being another boy. And I started to interchange. Calling the wrong name out for the child I was beckoning. I had become our parents.

And then there is the feat of pairing the names up properly when referring to them. So now John and I have a system. There is a one name title for each pair of boys. Easy to remember. Refers to the two without using names. Has become infinitely helpful as of late. So here are the dynamic duos for reference sake…

The Bigs & The Littles

The Middles & The Bookends (The biggest and littlest)

The Brownies & The Ice Creams

The last set may need some explaining. A brownie is what we call a brunette in our household. And an ice cream is a term coined by Gabriel for a blonde, apparently it is the counterpart to a brownie. It makes a good dessert, and I guess it works! Right now our family is split right down the middle, three blondes & three brunettes. But at the moment I don’t have the heart to tell Gabriel that Eli is inching toward the blonde side and Nate is venturing towards being a brownie. For now it works, and it keeps Mom and Dad straight on which ones we are in fact discussing at any given time!


  1. Jenn, I could have used something to help out with kids names straight. So could my parents with 4 boys and especially the grandparents. They always seemed to get the names messed up.

  2. Being the oldest, my parents started with my name and worked their way down the list until they got to the right one. We only have two so it isnt as hard for us.
    Our girls respond to just about anything but it is generally big butt and little butt. I am sure I will be the topic of therapy in the future.

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