Gabriel John Seth

May 7, 2009 at 3:03 am

Don’t Knock It Just To Try It

I am quickly starting to dread spring. Specifically the six weeks between May 1st and mid June. It is an exciting time around here, and many of the testosterone carrying type get all giddy. But the lone XX carrier is feeling the stress, and I think the grown male secretly has some second thoughts as well.

I used to love the spring time. The anticipation of the warm weather months. You can almost feel the grass sprouting and the new growth. It is full of possibilities and the teasing of the hot, lazy days of July and August. A time where no one has to be up at a certain time, no buses to catch, no homework in sight.

And then spring became associated with the epitome of American past times. It is time to dig through the sports equipment and find every one’s gloves. There are buckets to rummage through trying to find what baseball pants fit which kid, who’s feet can’t possibly fit into their multipurpose cleats from the last sporting event, and then there is the whole world of “athletic supporters”.

I remember the first time I had to stand in the aisle of a sporting goods store trying to decode the paraphernalia involved. I grew up in a predominantly female household. In many ways my current gender predicament is payback I suppose. My lone brother dealing with sisters and mother and whatever cycle we were spinning on. But I digress, there I stand trying to differentiate straps, briefs and sliding shorts, oh my! I guess it is most like a man having to buy a bra. There are things I just think John should have to handle, but often his schedule does not allow.

But once everyone has their gear and are properly secured, then the “schedule” kicks in. This year is the first in terms of having multiples pulling me in different directions. Boy #2 has entered the fray. So now we have Tball, Minor League and Men’s Softball to juggle. Add in the cub scouts, conveniently scheduled right after minor league and during tball practice. Then there are games on Mondays and Thursdays for minors, Saturday for Tball (and all over the place for the men’s league). And I am starting to loose my mind.

So there we go. I am resigned to a couple of random drive-thru meals in order to make it through. I am even getting used to enjoying the wonderous sounds of spring with my SUV windows down while waiting to shuffle the princes from one event to another. I try to remember that I did not over schedule my kids, I just have a lot of schedules to juggle. And all the while I wonder why it is they must test those lovely devices of male protection, as if they are percussion instruments, while I try to drive.


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  2. That’s too funny about the “protection devices!” My husband would definitely be in charge of buying those. More power to you for figuring it out, though.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day!

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