May 13, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Shoprite Savings & Deals week of 5/10

First off, I apologize that it is Wednesday and I am finally getting around to writing my weekly saving blog. Usually I try to post on Monday after a Sunday night shopping trip, but this week has been packed with Mother’s day festivites, getting ready for my sister’s shower this coming weekend, and the usual little league/softball league mayhem.

So to start, here is my weekly tip on how to save big and save more. To save the most amount of money you cannot be brand loyal. Go with the best deal on a quality of item you are comfortable with. The more flexible you are with this, the more you can save. And sometimes the savings and sale/coupon deals actually provide you with an upgrade in the type of product you normally purchase. We are a bargain basement type family, trying to save where we can because we have a family of six on one income. As a result, hubby and I normally just share the 84 cent can of barbasol shave cream. But in the last few weeks I got a great deal on Skintimate shave gel at both Shoprite and Rite Aid. So now I get to have pretty smelling legs and am enjoying the female specific brand that I have not indulged in in years.

On to the savings of the week! This one particular trip I got all of the below purchased items, totaling $107.29, for a grand total of $47.70. The phenomenal deals of the week were:

-Kraft BBQ sauce was priced at $1.19. Using this weeks circular coupon of 75 cents off and when doubled, they were FREE!

-Using coupons from last weeks circulars I got Carolina rice mixes. The coupon was 75 cents off of two. The products were 67 cents each. When the coupon was doubled they were FREE. So I got two rice pilaf mixes and two chicken rice mixes for free!

-Kraft Honey Mustard was $1.50. This weeks coupon was 75 cents off, doubled is $1.50 which means I got two for FREE!

-Tobasco sauce was priced at 99 cents, coupon from two weeks ago was 50 cents off, doubled it too was FREE!

My great deals of the week (but not free) where:

-Kraft yellow mustard was $1.49 for the large size. Coupon from this week was 50 cents off, which means I bought two for 49 cents a piece.

-Luigi’s Italian Ices were on sale for $1.99. There was a coupon this week for 75 cents off which doubles to $1.50 off. So I bought two boxes at 49 cents a piece.

-Bar S Jumbo Beef hot dogs were on sale for 2 for $2, with this weeks coupon I got $1 off of two, which then cost me $1 for two.

-Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta was on sale for $1.67 a box. I wanted to try the “healthier” pasta version, and with my $1.00 off coupon from two weeks ago I’ll try it for 67 cents.

-Sparkle paper towels were on sale for $4.99, I had $1.00 off coupon so for an eight pack of paper towels I spent $3.99.

-General Mills cereals were on sale for $1.99 a box. I have a ton of boys eating a ton of cereal. I used coupons over the last several weeks of $1.00 off of three boxes. I ended up paying $5 for three boxes of cereal. I bought 9 for a total of $15!

Those are some of the deals. Below is pictured all of the products. If there is something you have a question on the specifics I paid for it this week, just leave a comment and I’ll let you know.

My one disclaimer is that pictured is an entire case of corn. I paid nothing for this, my stepmother gave it to me from her “overstock” with the agreement that I included it in my weekly savings photo. It was definitely a steal! Thanks Sharon!

If you are new to the grocery saving game, start here for some basics!


  1. Great savings. I used a website called Scrap Blog to make my header. Some of it is free.

  2. ♥Rocío♥ says:

    Thank you for the tips, I am new mom to the blogging thing! I just kind of finish decorating my blog. I love to save money… I will be following you.
    YOu have a great BLOG! ;>

  3. FANTASTIC – I totally need to buckle down and start saving more!!

  4. FANTASTIC – I totally need to buckle down and start saving more!!

  5. Thanks for the ideas on saving some money. Have a great day. Thanks for visiting me today.

  6. I wish I had the storage to shop like that!

  7. My great deal was a month’s worth of meat for $150! Thanks to Acme’s 4 for $19.99, and catching some meat on sale at Shoprite. Oh, and I spent like $80 bucks at Shoprite, but between Q’a and my card I saved..ready…$103!!! Crazy! Gotta love being able to sit down and find good deals.

  8. That’s an amazing bargain!

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