A Thousand Word Thursday Gabriel John Nathan Seth

May 14, 2009 at 3:14 am

A Thousand Word Thursday

I think this picture accurately conveys my thousand words, and the fact that there are definite days when I wish I had five of these stockades for the entirety of the Desrochers men!

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  1. Great pic, and sometimes I wish I had one of those 2. I only have 3 guys in my house, I couldn’t imagine 5! WOW

  2. You read my mind! Do they sell these?!

  3. LOL, I wish they sold those for everyday use!

  4. Hi there! I am passing along the One Lovely Blog award to you! Stop by my blog when you get a chance to pick up your button.

  5. ♥Rocío♥ says:

    lol…it is a great idea! it is a most have…lol

  6. I bet I could build them for you.

  7. Too cute!

    Happy ATWT to you!

  8. I want some too! 🙂 Perfect for BOYS.

  9. Cute pic……I don’t think any home should be without stockades!

  10. LOL I could use some too.

  11. That picture is awesome!

  12. What a classic! Love the pic! Thanks for stopping by….

    Happy ATWT!

  13. To funny!

  14. I just awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award, but it looks like Shelly got here first!


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