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May 30, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Tales of Desrochers

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag. It started off rather horribly, indeed. Despite reminders the night before Seth had not packed his book bag and gotten ready for school. Instead it was five minutes before John and Seth HAD to be out the door and on their way to school and work, let the whining begin…Seth could not locate his homework and was insisting he had put it on the piano in the dining room at dinner time the night before. Said homework had apparently gotten up in the middle of the night and walked off. Then he was sure that it was on the kitchen table. Next it was in his room upstairs. And all the while he is yapping at John about how it was my fault that I had moved it, or that it was John’s fault that he must have taken it out of his book bag. No amount of warnings from the father ceased the incessant stream of vile ridiculousness. Even the loss of Wii privileges did not calm the swells. So I was summoned by John to help with the discipline of what is quickly becoming a moody tween.

In an attempt to extricate myself from the warm twistings of comforters and blankets I rolled over to John’s side of the bed. And I stepped out of the bed, apparently right onto a set of dirty socks discarded on the hard wood floor. When the pressure of my weight combined with the forward motion interacted with said dirty socks, they and subsequently my foot on top went flying to the side. I tried to prevent myself from crashing into the bed and grabbed for support to keep it from happening. I indeed prevented a catastrophe and at the same time managed to pull or strain something in my shoulder. No picking up kids for me, lots of ice and heating pads for the day. John ended up staying home because it is frowned upon to leave a nine month old to fend for himself in his crib all day sans diaper changes and feedings and such. Oh, and by the way, in some strange set of circumstances Seth’s homework was on the top of the garbage can. Very odd indeed.

But as the unexpected day off, no matter how uncomfortable for me, dragged on John decided we were going to need some time out of the house. The advent of spring has added a level of stir craziness to the boys that erupts when they spend too much time indoors. John readied the littlest boys in our double jogging stroller as the sunny afternoon hour came to be about the time the older boys come home. We got Gabriel off of the bus and Seth was dropped off. And we set off for a walk on the bike trail by our home. John pushing the two littles, Seth and Gabriel taking turns walking Ginger, our dog, and me babying my shoulder but happy to be with the fam.

We made it about half way down the trail when it started to sprinkle just lightly. We hurried out of the open air part of the trail and back under the tree canopy that made the sounds of the dropping rain on the high above leaves seem distant yet beautiful. But then the drops came faster and louder and began to penetrate the canopy and onto the trail below. We started to get wetter and wetter. And upon emerging from the next section of the trail, conveniently we were around the corner from my fathers house. My children were utterly amazed that we had emerged from a walk in the woods across town at Pop Pops house, and enjoyed knocking on his door and yelling “sanctuary”.

After about half an hour of impromptu visiting and having dried off with towels, the sun was again shining and we said our goodbyes and headed back home. We were making good time and then it happened. There were no warning tentative sprinkles this time, just the sky opening up and letting curtains of dancing beads of water fall to the ground in a pounding rhythm. The small puddles that we had jumped and skipped over on our way out had become flowing streams and murky bottomless pools. We were drenched, but blessed that the day was warm, so balmy that we were just a bunch of dripping fools. But we were fools together.

We did not rush in the rain. We began to savor it. There came a point when we were so soaked that it did not matter anymore. And this often too hesitant Mom who scolds the puddle jumping just laughed and watched with a smile as Nathan would thrust his whole body forward in an arm swinging jump into a puddle to see how big a splash he could make. And we all laughed til our sides hurt as we watched Nate make a 90 degree turn and scoot away from the water when John jokingly told him to watch out for crocodiles.

We reached our porch in time for the sun to come out yet again. Our neighbors came out laughing at our appearance and smilingly listened to the boys recount their rainy day adventure. They stripped down in the mud room, one of the first times we probably ever used the room for it’s namesake, and hurried upstairs to find pajamas. Dried and toasty, we had a living room carpet picnic and watched Tales of Desperauex. A truly family day I doubt we will ever forget that proves that some of the most memorable moments are those not planned.

Daddy D and the drowned boyz…

Momma D and the (almost) dry boyz…

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  1. LOL! You are not kidding! They’re soaking wet! LOL! Looks like they enjoyed themselves!

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