June 14, 2009 at 12:26 am

The Beauty of Blogging

I am writing a blog today that I hadn’t planned on writing. In fact, after the crazed day of little league games and picnic and even a trip to urgent care for a limp Nathan woke up with this morning, this is probably one of the last things I feel like doing. But something is “stuck in my craw”. So here goes, my venting into the wonderful world of the the blogosphere.

Because you know what? That is the beauty of the blog. It is a place where my opinions count, my thoughts have a voice. And it is the world according to my view. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not delivered to your doorstep, or even to your inbox unless you want it to be. It is one of millions of blogs. Literally millions.

If you enjoy reading what I’m writing, I’m glad…welcome to my everyday life. Because that’s what I blog about. The happenings in my family. And that’s what I will continue to write about.

Although apparently my bloggings of certain incidents, like the entire 1,000 book club debacle and the proposed resolution thereof has caused a bit of a ruckus. Well, if you call printing out my blog and passing it around trying to figure out who made what comments a ruckus. It was cause for speculation in the elementary school office. Which amuses me. Mostly because what I wrote was the straightforward unvarnished truth. But also because I wrote without malice, without ill-intent and only with a touch of sarcasm.

In fact, of the principal to whom this was handed I wrote only of her quick and diligent plan to rectify what she too thought was an oversight. In the four years our eldest has had her as a principal I only have rave reviews for how she has handled any and all incidents that we have addressed with her. She has always been receptive to our concerns and handled them quickly and with great professionalism. As it is again with this incident with the book club.

Here’s the thing. If you were at all offended or up in arms over my bloggings do something about it. Take it as a call to action on your part. Because I am one of millions of bloggers. I write what I see and how I see it. And if that includes foul behaviour on your part, then you deserve to read about it. Because unlike days of old where I, the stay at home mother of four who ventures out mostly to do the soccer mom thing, would have no voice and could be swept under the rug–I can speak loud and clear right here in the blog world. To the readers of my blog. At my site which gets literally thousands of hits a month. So when you are trying to figure out who commented where, remember that I have many blog friends and readers from places like Oakland, CA and Ocean Springs, MS. In fact, more hits on this blog come from Austin, TX than good old Swan Lake and Loch Sheldrake combined.

In the end it is kindness, civility and graciousness we should treat all of humanity with. And when you don’t, you should remind yourself that any and everyone can and does write a blog.


  1. Ok, so you got me intrigued and I read about the debacle. I'm glad that the matter got resolved and I admire your chutzpah, because I wouldn't have had the guts. You guys are cute and what's right in the world. 🙂

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I didn't plan on writing for a while but writing is for me to post what I feel and what I think at the moment.
    I believe you do the same thing.
    We still live in a country where we all have freedom, unlike other countries.
    If someone does not like what you wrote or what your opinions are, there's always a healthy to way discuss things…and a there's also freedom not to read what you post.

    Keep doing what you feel is good for you and what your values and principles dictate.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I didn't plan on writing for a while but writing is for me to post what I feel and what I think at the moment.
    I believe you do the same thing.
    We still live in a country where we all have freedom, unlike other countries.
    If someone does not like what you wrote or what your opinions are, there's always a healthy to way discuss things…and a there's also freedom not to read what you post.

    Keep doing what you feel is good for you and what your values and principles dictate.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Uh oh. Momma-D-Drama.
    You can't please everybody I suppose. It's not like you're saying anything overly-critical, negative, or slander-ish. You're simply speaking the truth and speaking your feelings on YOUR life's events. If they don't like it – they don't have to read it. Continue to be yourself and speak what is on your mind. … Otherwise I won't have anything to keep me entertained every day. *psht*

  5. First, congrats to Gabriel for his SUPER accomplishment and to you and your hubby for recognizing what an accomplishment it was and making sure he got the reward he had been working for!
    Second, someone really printed out your blog and took it to the elementary school!?! I didn't find a single word in your other two posts that would cause anyone the need to print out your blog and 'tattle' on you {which I am assuming is what they were attempting to do}! You were only telling your readers a story about your life…which is what almost all mom blogs are about!
    You keep writing and I'll keep reading {all the way from Mississippi}!

  6. I think you rock and the ladies who copied your blog and passed it around an elementary school need to remind themselves they are not in high school anymore and doing things like that is not very grownup of them. I found nothing that you have ever written objectionable. You keep blogging and speaking your mind!

  7. Some people just have too much time on their hands.
    A blog by nature is your opinion. I suppose if you were a student or parent writing something evil about another student – maybe it's their business…. but that clearly wasn't the case…
    Stay proud!

  8. ♥Rocío♥ says:

    I am just going to say two things…
    YOU ROCK!!!


  9. Go on, Momma D! Love to read your rants!

  10. Linda @ My Trendy Tykes says:

    Are you kidding me??

    If they didn't like what you wrote there is this nifty little RED X at the top of every screen.
    Tell them to CLICK THAT next time. It does WONDERS!!!

    What were they doing ? TELLING ON YOU? ROFL!

  11. Wow! Now I see what I've missed since I haven't had a chance to visit in a bit. Can you say DRAMA?! Has anyone heard of freedom of speech? Glad you are still blogging your heart out & hope that this incident hasn't discouraged you:)

  12. Ok, now…here's someone from NYC who also reads…lol! Look, I have 3 boys and if any of my kids had achieved what your son achieved in 6 months and then gotten the little plastic thing he got as recognition I would've been at the principle's office as well. Thing is, I can appreciate the teacher(s)/school's efforts to find ways to make reading fun and exciting for kids. I get that they are on a budget…but if you can't afford something worth giving for such great merits, than maybe it's time to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better? Yes, they are kids, but let's not underestimate their sense of self pride and think that little 99 cents trinkets would be a downer after all they've done. Just saying, best to not give the trophy if that's what it's going to be. And, if you're gonna read someone's personal blog, it's best to not be too sensitive or take offensive about it. It's like exactly like reading someone's personal diary and finding out exactly what they feel and think. Kudos to Daddy D for looking out for his boy (and the two other kids) and Momma D for hanging tough. lol!

  13. Also want to add: all the typos on my previous response are due to the fact that I gave up on reading and writing in Kindergarten when I found out all you got in the end was a 10 cent plastic pin that read “Terrific!” on it.

  14. ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? Ok, so what are you supposed to do….. sit back like in the old days with a journal and write your feelings down and close the book? IT DOESN'T SOLVE ANYTHING!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY….. If you are going to blog… GREAT…. if you are blogging about you kids, wonderful…. if you are blogging about IDIOTS THAT KNOW NOTHIN ABOUT NOTHIN – SWEET!!!!! It's your damn blog….. HECK if you want to tell everyone I am NUTS… who cares! IT'S YOUR BLOG!!!! Oh wait… let me print this out and pass it around….. That is so…. uummmmm well I guess ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!! Would expect it from STUDENTS!!!! NOT ADULTS!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is coming all the way from SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!

  15. Are you serious that someone printed out your blog???? Well that is AWESOME! At least they know that you are unhappy!!!! That CRAPPY trophy is, and I am not allowed to use my “appropriate” words…., MESSED UP… WRONG, Am I allowed to say CRAPPY???? Why shouldn't you complain??????? I guess they are used to in the old days when women go home and write in a journal… close it… and on to the next day! HECK NO…. SPEAK UP… VOICE YOUR OPINION … and if some sucker is reading your blog and prints it out… you know what that means… MORE PEOPLE TO READ YOUR BLOG! YOU GO GIRL!

    FYI – Today is the first day I signed up to comment! I have tried to comment your posts before, but wasn't a memeber! Thought this could use a THUMBS UP….. GREAT JOB!!!!! WELL DONE

    Now I have to get a move on….. Time for me to tell off the principal at the school who stands behind her assistant principal 100% for putting Chris in a room (with other students who were doing things) from 10am till 2pm with NOTHING TO DO!!!! NOTHING AT ALL!!!!!!!!

    Your posts are informative, funny, cute… etc…. They are YOU! Don't worry about a few extras getting passed around… soon you will be FAMOUS! 😀



    oh and my kid didn't get A/B honor roll because he got an 80 in writing (something he struggles in) but was A/B honors for the YEAR… and got JACK SQUAT (not the word I was looking for!) He wasn't even given ANYTHING for his efforts! Except from the Librarian who is separate from the report card/ perfect attendance….


  16. you go girl!! Dont stop blogging, you rock:)

  17. You go mama. Let your voice be heard! You just got a new follower. I am loving your blog!

  18. I have had a similar thing happen to me and I am simply amazed! I actually had the principal tell me she didn't like my Facebook postings!!! I never even mentioned the school on there, nor does she have permission to look at my page, but she claims to know it all since she read my blog. It is a risk we take when we put it out there, I know. Look, I believe the school employees are MY employees as I pay their salaries with my tax money. If they don't like what is being said about them by the people who they should be working for than they need to change their actions. It is what would be expected of me at my job after all!
    Good luck and let me know how your situation works out.
    K http://www.strawberryseeds.net

  19. O.K. Did I miss something? I mean, I'm new to your blog having recently found you at MBC and all but I read the two blog posts you linked to and I saw no quotes, no nasty comments, nothing that would get anybody in any office up in arms. What did I miss? I was looking for a good adrenaline kick here!!! Yeesh. Anyway – I think your school ought to be happy. I have publicly in blog format and on Associated Content dragged our school system over the coals for being asine in their handling of clustered students, special ed kids, kids who ought to qualify as dyslexics except our state doesn't recognize that word, and so on. They got off easy.

  20. oh sorry, did I menation dyslexia? good. that was supposed to be “asinine”

  21. If the school is “up in arms” over this debacle than it must be because they don't like the world reading about their mistakes. Maybe if they'd spend more time rectifying their mistakes instead of trying to hunt down the commenters and getting pissy over the blog post in the first place, they might not receive so much negative publicity. And they might actually get a positive post about them! Sheesh. It's not that hard to figure out.

    I wrote a post on my blog about a product that Pampers had come out with. The product was AWFUL and I warned my readers about the problems I had with the product. Pampers didn't throw a hissy fit over my blog. But I know that they've gone to extreme lengths to correct the problems in the product. It may not have been because of my blog, but my point is that Pampers gets negative publicity and fixes the problem without whining. Sounds like the school should take lessons from them.

  22. Wow — 1,000 books. That is HUGE (for both of you!). The trophy was on the stingy side – seriously, the tee shirt cost more. You were just stating your opinion and anyone who read it should have understood that.

  23. Blogs are our personal space. If the school was public, then they can't keep you from writing anything about them.

  24. Wow congrats to him, that is awesome!!!! I believe you should write what you want, when you want, cause we can read if we want, if they dont like it then dont read it…

  25. I read both of your posts and didn't find anything wrong with them. Some people go around looking for things to get offended about. I truly believe that.

    And AWESOME job to your son for reading 1,000 books!

    Maybe those people who are running around gossiping about you should spend more time reading to their kids and less time being busybodies!

  26. I just wanted to say hi!! Came by from mom bloggers club and this whole thing is just quite crazy!! Also wanted to say hi from a fellow upstater! I'm on the Columbia- Dutchess county line!!

  27. Jerri Ann says:

    From Alabama – these folks should be thrilled that I am not the one doing the complaining because the things I've written are way worse than what you had to say….and I am dead serious because of my school's errors. To which they never tried to rebuttle other than to say, we are going to …….

    I commented in the other forum, in depth. Feel free to use it as a post or a comment if you want and then the folks at your school system will be thrilled that they have you blogging about them and not me because…you were way too nice about it in my opinion…I am just a plain ol' nag when it comes to my kid I guess.

    I honestly tried being nice when I blogged about my kid's school but their threats sent me into over drive.

  28. Rosana V. says:

    wow…something to think about. i've only blogged about some of the, um, unfriendly moms at my older kid's preschool. but they have no clue about my blog.

    i have one thing to say…go girl! looking forward to keeping up with you and swing by anytime as well…


  29. My thoughts: it is what it is and they obviously don't like being called out. The trophy was cheesy. Bottom line.

    As a reader, reading 1000 books is work, especially for someone of your son's age and I know it took a long time.

    Besides, what about giving out trophies that were made in the USA? would that be too much to ask?!

  30. I know I am a little late posting, but I just wanted to add my two cents. This blog is your voice. No one should ever be able to take away your voice. It was obvious from the post that you were so proud of your son and his accomplishment (which by the way was AWESOME!).

  31. Wow…..Your blog ROCKS:) There is no other way to speak but straight forward and honestly….Im going to be a follower for sure…..I am new to blogging and hope to learn alot from other bloggers….

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