June 20, 2009 at 4:10 pm

Six Word Saturday

So my six words for this Saturday are…

Finally it’s camp planning meeting time!

Daddy D and I run a week of Christian camp for eighth and ninth graders every year the last week of July. And every year in June we hold a planning weekend to come up with ideas for the week and brainstorm together as a staff. So I am on my way into my kitchen now to bake them some fresh from the oven goodies, and they shall start to trickle in in a couple of hours.

Words cannot express how much I adore my staff. Each and every year people take the time to VOLUNTEER a week of their lives to work with these kids. And they each add so much to what the week becomes. I look forward to seeing them today, whether they have come across town or across a couple of states! I am always in awe of everyone who chooses to serve by giving of themselves and their time.

Here’s a pic of my staff from last year…

For more information on the camp we work with visit Camp Timberledge.

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  1. I helped with Vacation Bible School in my younger years. Good for you for taking this on!

  2. How exciting to get the planning underway! Thanks for playing along.

  3. that is an awesome thing to do!! I bet it is a blessing for all involved; the staff, the volunteers, the kids!! amazing how people will take off work to serve too!

    have a great camp session this year!


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