August 2, 2009 at 5:24 pm

Camp Timberledge Young Teens 2009

Before the “work week” begins tomorrow, where I have tons of blog posts to write, anecdotes to convey and reviews & giveaways to begin, I am going to write my annual camp wrap up post. I have written one every year, mostly when my blog was read just by a handful of friends and campers. So if you are a regular reader who this may not be of interest to you, but I write it just the same for those who it means a lot to. To those the following paragraphs will hold laughs and fond memories. To the rest it will just be a bunch of nonsensical dribble…nonetheless check out the video at the end!

To my campers and staff of Camp Timberledge Young Teens 2009: Always remember Avengers, X-Men, Justice League, Teen Titans, Elastigirls, Invisible Women, Elektra, Wonderwomen, Cheetara, She-Ra, Spidermen, Supermen, standing with your friends on your shoulders, Jeremy almost falling over from holding Scott, tug of war, clothing relay races, family trivia quote challenges, holding your Bibles over your head through chapel, food auctions, Melanie throwing back the gourmet mushrooms, Shaughn & the Vienna Sausages, John & Andrew & the sardines in hot sauce, Libby’s tent checks, the negative 10 score, chapel in the woods, “which” doctor, being woken up with the rain, the water gun sprays on the hayride, the crazy relay, tipping the canoes at the end, leap frog through camp, cereal relays, water balloon war, safari, toilet paper mummys, clothespins and toilet paper rolls, balloon bag volleyball, marshmallow fights, take off something you do not need, the paper mine field, tara having to cross a hundred times, these are the rules video, brianetta, no purple, fingertips, the soccer girls, the hone-y g, mini steve & mega me, gaga, Goggin noggin vs. Andrew’s eye, his name is Gamaliel, five alarm french toast, super yummy hamburger soup & white chili, staff secret party, pizza & ice cream, the ringer, speaking of stool, it was layered, uncanny peaches & the shoe sock combo, human clue, goth girl, badman, the devil, poison ivy, spiderman, venom, midnight mystique, hydra, trashman, phoenix, scarlet fever, catwoman, the riddler, random man, the Pastor Dennis kidnap video, I’m a Gummi Bear, Poison Ivy sent him back to Brooklyn because he randomly hits her, the roast of P Dennis to come up w/the clues, Thundercats Hooooooo!, the Avengers win, Whip Cream pies, where’s your cape?, Abigail’s song, Gina’s Black Eyed Peas slip up, the camper version of the rules video, Gina plays foosball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, Elliot & Erikson’s rap, Fred’s talented hands, Melissa’s light saber in the sword drills, Music Theory=Rock Band, Mad Science, mentos & diet coke, Cody’s corny boots, staff vs. camper, staff wins again, Nathan in the first staff photo, Tire Stains, Moose, You’ve got the power to testify, Be a righteous rebel, be a peacemaker, be a prophet, be a giver and be a missionary.

Thanks for a wonderful year. If reading this makes you feel a pang to work at camp next year, let me know–it’s never to early to get involved for 2010!

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  1. Your a better woman than I…

    I am too old and worn out to do the camp thing!! Great wrap up. Keep up the good work for the kids. Your very sweet.

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