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September 2, 2009 at 12:25 am

EA Sports Active

I have started a new self improvement project this week. On Monday, even though it is a week early for my family, I started the EA Sports Active Back to School 30 Day Challenge. I have had Wii Fit for several months, but after using it several times I found it a bit boring and not very challenging. So I stopped doing it rather quickly.

I was really excited when EA Sports Active came out. It offered a large variety of workouts and utilizes a leg strap and resistance band. And if you have a Wii Balance Board it is compatible with that as well, but not necessary for the program to work. I was lucky enough to get a copy from EA Sports and popped it into the Wii the other day. It arrived just in time to start the Back to School 30 Day Challenge. The program is set up with a personal trainer and contains 30 day challenges that vary the routine and activities throughout the course of the month.
To stay motivated you can also join the Facebook fan page, and then right in your FB feed you get all of the things that EA Sports Active is doing to help keep you moving in the right direction. Hence the Back to School 30 Day Challenge. It happened to coincide with when I got my copy, but even if I had done previous challenges this is something that keeps you going.
I am definitely out of shape and carrying around quite a bit of extra baby weight. Since Eli just turned one and I am not having anymore children I decided that it is time to get rid of it and be more active. Even so, when you set up your challenge you have to choose your intensity level. As it has definitely been awhile since I have worked out in any way shape or form I chose the easy level. Even in a 20 minute easy intensity workout I am left sweating. And two days in, let me tell you my legs and booty are super SORE!
So far the highlights for me include the way the program interacts with you, the consumer. The leg strap allows the Wii to track how deep of a squat or lunge you are doing. Apparently my whole life I have been only accomplishing half of what I should in the squat department. Hopefully this will result in a decrease in my tuckus and such! I also like the different activities. So far I like trying to hit the targets while boxing and playing tennis. Like I have said, I have Wii fit and Wii Play and this is so much more fun and motivating to me.


  1. Good luck!! I really look forward to hearing how it goes. Is this something you are doing with the boys around or while they are napping?? Now that I am back to work and taking classes I have little time left for me and I was doing great with being active/working out in August.

  2. Can't wait to see how you like this. I've been doing Jillian Michaels and I'm starting to hate it! It gets me sweating but it's incredibly boring! The music is awful, the graphics are awful…shall I go on?

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