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September 3, 2009 at 4:33 am

A Thousand Word Thursday

In the spirit of A Thousand Word Thursday and a precious snapshot of a moment in the life of your family, this is this weeks submission…

Ten years ago this week John and I as newlyweds moved to Rochester, NY where I was going to school. This is a picture of us on the front steps of our first apartment. It was rather spacious for a first place and had two bedrooms, bathroom, dining room, kitchen and large living room. It had it’s downsides too. Horribly stenciled bright red flowers around the middle of our bedroom we couldn’t paint. The fact that it was the upstairs of a house and most rooms had sloping ceilings, the most noticeable of which was that you had to bend your neck at an odd angle in the shower to get under the unusually low shower head and to not hit the awkwardly slanted wall that cut out half of the standing room in tub. I don’t miss the fact that no matter how many complaints were issued we had an oven that only broiled the entire first year of our marriage. The carpets ranged from burnt rust industrial burber to avocado green shag. Oh what a style statement they made!
But in the end I remember the apartment for all of the unforgettable memories it was privy to. The retro kitchen that I would learn to prepare some of our favorite meals out of the Betty Crocker cookbook sprawled across the counter. The peeing on the stick and finding out we were pregnant for the very first time. Laying in bed for months at a time trying to keep Seth safely inside of me and willing him to grow. Setting up our first DVD player and watching Tarzan for the first time and being kicked inutero by my little guy who loved the music. Bringing home a newborn itty bitty baby boy, all four and a half pounds of him. Bathing him in that same bathtub for the first time, and not noticing anything about the crazy ceiling because I was enthralled with the ins and outs of this wiggly little person and wishing I had four other hands and arms.
That apartment, and the subsequent house it was in, are long gone now. They have been bulldozed and a wide walkway leading from the main campus of the college to the student housing behind has taken its place. But when we drive by there every Thanksgiving time while visiting my aunt in the area I always look for the set of three trees that grew right outside my bedroom window that I stared at for the months and months of bed rest. They are still there, ten years taller now, but there nonetheless. And I remember when.
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  1. You both look so young in this pic! Nice house. You always remember your first home, first things you bought… All the very sweet memories!

  2. What a special memory and photograph! I love this, thanks for sharing!

  3. How special! Cute picture!

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