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September 21, 2009 at 4:33 am

Getting To Be Godmother

Today I became a Godmother. For the first time. I am Auntie to many. But never before have I been a Godmother. I am honored and touched. And even further blessed that my Goddaughter is my beloved niece.
We had a wonderful celebration. We went to my sister’s church, and in many ways it was nostalgic. It is the church we attended when we were in elementary school. There was a traditional service that was different to my sons who have grown up in contemporary worship services that often resemble more of a concert atmosphere. I have to say it was welcoming and warm, like coming home.
I think I miss more of the hymnals and church choir than I thought. There is a beauty to the old words sung, the organ music, and the notes spread out on a staff with typewritten words underneath. I was reminded that this was what taught me to read music. The harmonies and melodies. Parts to choose. The flowery, poetic nature to the verse. Teaching you, making you think. Describing joy, wonder, worship in words that expanded your mind.
There was also a beauty to the church service itself. A small town church with a dwindling population. But reaching out to the community. Thrilled to see people in their midst. Excited to be celebrating the rite of baptism with a young family. The days service centered around the baptism of our beloved baby niece. The hymns sung, the sermon preached. And my favorite moment was when the choir selection was beautifully offered as a welcome to Mocha Cub into her church community.

The baptism itself was wonderful. It was with great joy that Daddy D and I, along with my sister and brother-in-law vowed to teach Mocha Cub about Jesus Christ. To raise her in a church community. To help her become a wonderful woman of God. I watched, beaming from ear to ear with a smile that I could not contain, as the minister poured water over her darling wild woman hair. It was such a deeply moving day to watch this little girl loved and cherished by the greater Family of God.

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