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September 23, 2009 at 5:29 am

Generations of Family

A few weeks back we took a quick weekend trip to Daddy D’s hometown, Fall River, Massachusetts. We went to attend the surprise birthday dinner for Daddy D’s mother who turned sixty this week. After our celebratory dinner we all went back to Daddy D’s grandmother’s house. I was snapping away, being sure to get a lot of photographs for the boyz scrapbooks.

This is Daddy D, Da Boyz,
Memere & Pepere D
and Grande Memere D

This is the east coast portion of Daddy D’s immediate family,
including the aforementioned D’s
with the addition of Daddy D’s sister, her husband
and her two children
(and look, I made it into this one!).

And finally, this was the first time that Grande Memere D met Eli. I was sure to get a lot of photos of this, as I only had the pleasure of knowing half of my grandparents and none of my great grandparents. We have been blessed that all of our children have met their great grandmother.

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  1. I love generation pictures. Yes definatley a blessing to have all of your children experience Great grandma.


  2. Love it!!! Family is so important and what great pictures that your family will cherish forever!

  3. Lovely gathering. So great that you can take those pictures and keep those memories forever, for your boys to see (the ones that are too young to remember this moment). Happy Wednesday!

  4. What a treasured bunch of photos!

  5. Thank you for sharing these precious photographs!

  6. generation photos are great!! thanks for sharing!!

    my ww: http://www.mcclurefamilyspace.blogspot.com/

  7. Great photos for scrapbooks!

  8. Whao.. 4 generations all under one roof. Really memorable ocassion for the kids.

  9. Jennifer — Fall River is just the next state (and town) over from me in Tiverton, RI. Small world as they say. 😀

    So nice that all the generations could be together!

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