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December 31, 2009 at 2:53 am

Da Boyz at the Franklin Institute

This week being winter vacation all four boyz are home with Momma D. The prospect of an entire week snow bound in the freezing New York countryside alone with my angels was not appealing. So a few weeks ago a plan was hatched, and with the help of my sister Jes, her husband Brian and his mom we went to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

It was a wonderful, exciting, interesting and exhausting few hours. I’ll let the pictures do most of the speaking, but a huge thank you to Jes, Brian and Karen who helped make it all possible. I would never have ventured so far and to such a bustling place alone with my crew and I am very grateful to have such loving extended family. I also was privileged to be a part of Mocha Cub’s first museum experience!

The Pendulum Staircase, four stories high Seth and Gabriel rock climbing with Uncle B
Nate the Great was amazed at the city outside the glass
Learning about fulcrums and strength
Seth trying to fly in high winds

Seth, Gabriel & Nathan using air pressure to make the fog horns work

Nate really isn’t getting the concept of lining up the constellations with the stars

Mocha Cub

Gabriel & Eli working together Seth experimenting with air

Aunt Jes, Mocha Cub & Seth, Gabriel & Nate

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