January 11, 2010 at 4:05 am

Icy Temperatures and Ice Cream Flavors

I’ve decided to try a little something different tonight. I was over at MckMama’s blog and she did a stream of consciousness post that appealed to my rather overflowing mind tonight. I figured why not?
I am having a hard time winding down after today. That might have to do with having slept half the day away, thanks to a very understanding and concerned husband. I have had a rough time sleeping as of late. Probably has a lot to do with the stresses of figuring out this moving thing sometime in the first half of this year. But nonetheless, can’t sleep. It was with great joy that I got to sleep in today, something I desperately needed. Now it’s eleven at night and I feel like it’s eight. So I am writing. For you to read.
We took the boyz to the mall this evening. We didn’t even leave until almost three. But by then they had had enough of being cooped up inside. The five year old does not comprehend that the bitter single digit temperatures and wind do not a day playing in the snow make. We are accosted often with the litany of why’s, but I want to’s and come on’s. When three o’clock came around and the wrestling got kind of serious we packed them up, loaded them into the minivan, and headed to one of the only places that requires indoor, heated walking. The mall. We checked some sales. Mostly because after only a couple of months of wear on the jacket we bought Gabriel this fall, the zipper has broken. With several more months of cold on the horizon we ordered a new one. But me being the bargain hunter I am, I wanted to be sure I couldn’t get it for cheaper in the retail store as opposed to the online price. I could have saved five dollars in store, but they had none in his size anyway. Hoping that it gets here in time for his surgery next week. It’s his favorite color, red, and he wants it for his “surgery present”. We’ll probably get him a Star Wars figure too.
Gabriel has started talking more and more about the surgery. In random places in tiny morsels of information. Things that he remembers from last time. That he had no dreams while he was asleep. And his biggest fear, the needles in his arm when he wakes up. To the rest of us it’s called and IV. He hates it. I’m a little fearful that he will wake up in a terror again and pull it out despite the nurses trying to stop him. Again. But it looks like it might be a repeat performance. One can only hope and pray that that isn’t the case. He’s also starting to think up ice cream flavors. We don’t have the heart to tell him that the first time he had his adenoids out, which prompted the need for ice cream and soft foods. This time it’s just tubes. But we’ll let him indulge a bit. Surgery is never fun. We’ll give him something to look forward to at the other end of it all.
Speaking of looking forward to things, I am really excited about this week. On Thursday Daddy D and I head to the city to be a part of the Martha Stewart Blog Show. I’ll get to blog live from the audience. It’s exciting stuff! I have to admit I have been to the show before. Daddy D and I kind of have a thing for going to see shows taped. We live 100 miles from one of the greatest cities in the world. Why not indulge yourself in something special about that? So about once a year we head to a show. We’ve seen Martha Stewart, The Late Show with David Letterman, The View, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. But almost always we go with two other people, a group of 4 total. Because this is a special show you could only request two tickets. So Daddy D and I will go alone. He mentioned today he is really looking forward to it. It truly is a rare time that we go and do anything alone, sans kiddos. The last time we went to New York City alone was October 1, 2002. His birthday. We even lived in Massachusetts at the time and were visiting my parents on vacation. It was a great day. I am hoping Thursday is a wonderful day too!
There you go. My thoughts for tonight. My brain feels a little less cluttered and I am looking forward to my warm, cozy bed amidst this cold and frozen winter night!


  1. Amy (@HappyMomAmy) says:


    You kids have fun. You can take me as your date if your hubs can't go, lol!

    GL with the surgery. Having had my first ear infections in about 2 decades, I have new-found sympathy for the kiddos that deal with them. And hey…he can still eat a boatload of ice cream for funsies, right?! 😉

  2. My kids had tubes and the surgery went very well. The tough part was keeping them calm and still the first 24 hours. I hear is much easier than adenoids. Hanna had a special name for her IV and poled. She called it her tree. I'll keep you all in my thoughts. I hope you enjoy the show.

  3. Threeundertwo says:

    Great post! I hate insomnia. My brain goes into overdrive and I can't shut it down.

    Have fun on the show! That will be an interesting experience.

    Fingers crossed for the surgery, and especially for a quick recovery!

  4. Have fun in the city! Let me know if you need subway directions, restaurant recommendations, or any help with getting around!

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