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January 15, 2010 at 8:03 pm

The Martha Stewart Blog Show!

Yesterday Daddy D and I headed in to New York City to be a part of the special audience for the Martha Stewart Blog Show. It was wonderful to be there. It was great to be amongst blogging friends. I loved meeting new bloggers and am looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully at Blogher ’10!
I am very fortunate that Daddy D switched days off with a co-worker and chaffuered me, as I do not drive in NYC. It was our second time at the Martha Stewart Show, the first time being on Halloween the first season the show was on. It was great to be back four years later. I was happy to see the upgrades in the guests bathroom, last time it was soooo not what you would have expected of a Martha production!

We were lucky enough to be numbers 6 and 7 in line (thank you lack of George Washington Bridge trafic!). We were seated right in the front row. Directly across from the craft section of the set. Let me tell you, it is my dream craft room. Maybe one day after all the Desrochers Boyz are grown, I will beg Daddy D to renovate one of the rooms in the new house into something like this…
I enjoyed the show. I loved the Pad Thai cooking that smelled phenomenal. Martha and Pim Techamuanvivit of Chez Pim, a food blog. We also got her book The Foodie Handbook as a giveaway, and I can’t wait to read it. Next came the Whatever Girls, Jennifer Koppelman-Hutt and Alexis Stewart, who have a radio show on Martha’s channel on Sirius radio. They talked about their side by side blog they write. Although I found Jennifer amusing and fun to listen to, but I found Alexis difficult to watch. Although some described her as “snarky”, I found her downright rude to her mother. I was uncomfortable watching her and felt Martha did her best to neutrelize the situation.

I enjoyed watching Jeff Blumenkrantz of Jeff and Martha: My Year of Cooking Fabulously learn to properly frost a cake. It’s a topic close to my heart and I learned two wonderful tips that I will be using! The first is to frost the cake on top of wax paper and then remove the paper when finished leaving a clean surrounding surface without added clean up. I hope that it works well with some of my themed cakes. The other tip I loved was that when slicing and serving a cake, cut the first piece, then cut the second. Start serving with the second cut piece and it comes out perfectly without crumbling. How awesome is that!

The craft segment was with Andrew Ritchie of Martha Moments. They did yarn cards literally right in front of us! It was fun to watch, the cards were beautiful! And more interesting than that was the director and all of the staff sitting RIGHT next to me and writing the cue cards on the fly and managing the segment. Was fun to see and listen to! The final segment was with Briana Campbell of Hire Me Martha who got to spend the day with the staff learning more about Martha Stewart and Omnimedia.

I loved that Martha spent a few minutes answering audience questions. It was wonderful to see her interact some with the audience and it showed respect for the many people who came from all over to attend this special show.
I also loved how when someone commented on her shoes she just whipped her leg up on the table (excuse the fuzzy photo–the moment was quick but noteworthy!) and told us about those six inch Yves Saint Laurent badies!

Martha did several regional promos after at the table in front of us. Aren’t those tulips lovely! Get’s me thinking about spring, I tell you! Then we were done and on our way home.

Daddy D and I had a great time. Had a date day of sorts sans children. Stopped on the way home for lunch and actually talked and ate a meal at a reasonable pace. It’s A Good Thing.

Thank you so much, my wonderful husband!


  1. Love this! It was so great meeting you in line!! I think her throwing her leg up on the table was my favorite Martha moment yesterday!

  2. my little world says:

    that is so awesome!!!! What an opportunity!

  3. How FUN!! Love the leg pop up pic too! Great cake cutting tip. I am with you on driving in the city (I used to live there and couldn't bring myself to do it) Glad you had a fun date!

  4. PS) My blog pics are all so fuzzy because I use my blackberry phone for everything! But i love the convenience of clicking and emailing it to myself!

  5. NYC Single Mom says:

    Loved your post. So agree with comments on martha's daughter. I think people are using snarky in a nice way. The more I think about it what a waste. I would have loved to have undiscovered blogger that actually appreciated the national exposure.

    There were so many people there it would been great to have a meet/greet with other bloggers before the show but oh well just a suggestion martha stewart producers. I know they are all about the show but this was different so many of know each other or from our online personalities.
    Glad your husband got to go along.

    Definitely try sometimes, its easier just to post a ton of photos in one place. Too many on the site is a bit overwhelming for most readers (me included)

  6. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Nice that you got some enjoyment out of the rest of the day too.

  7. Wow, what an experience. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and I am sure it was a great way to meet other fab bloggers!

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