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January 22, 2010 at 10:54 pm

Mommy Showers

There are many things you give up on when you become a parent. Not necessarily intentionally. More like you adapt. Because you have to. It is a survival instinct, I think. My best friend Kimberlee, who we have dinner with once a week, always remarks at how John and I are the last to start eating and the first to finish. Not because we want to eat at an obnoxiously fast pace resembling Joey Chestnut at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. More like we have just finished cooling, cutting, slicing, dicing, pureeing, adding condiments, pouring drinks and cleaning up the first round of spills and are trying to eat a meal that is somewhat warm and not cold and rubbery before the bell rings for round two of the food Olympics.

But in one area that we differ, Daddy D and I, is that I have adapted in an area he has not. The Shower. I have had to compromise in this area. And no choice is a good choice. Mostly my showers consist of three minute affairs focusing on only the most dire of areas in need of service. Lather, rinse, not time for repeat. Often shaving my legs is out of the question, as I try to shower in record speed. One child napping, two in school, and the third watching a children’s program, I often shower with the curtain half open, the door flung wide and listening for the imminent sounds of chaos.

The only other option is to shower at night. At which time I curse my father’s side of the family and my genetics. I tend toward the “oily” side of hair shampoos and facial cleansers. And if I have any evening plans the next afternoon or evening, morning showers are the only option. But if I can get away with an evening shower I have to deal with that lovely crazy bedhead with strange bouffant areas. Admittedly, the night time showers are more leisurely and I can get more maintenance done. But circumstances leave me more often than not in a mid-morning dash.

Daddy D, on the other hand, has never adjusted to this parental quirk. He would rather rise half an hour earlier than otherwise needed. He needs thirty full minutes of hot shower to get ready to properly greet the day. My environmental science degree holding husband- he who has us recycling every shred of paper, cardboard, can, plastic container and newspaper, cannot possibly cut that showering time (and subsequent water consumption!) down. But when push comes to shove, I think I am just a little jealous. Especially when I have to wait that half hour for the bathroom, and he opens the door and all of that glorious, sweltering steam billows out…

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  1. Momma Michie says:

    From one busy mom to another…I feel your pain! It's been 5 years since I've been able to relax in the shower and enjoy it at all. There's always someone coming to the door yelling “MOM, MOM” There's even times where I bring my 3 year old daughter in with me to do the whole “2 birds and 1 stone” thing.

    I say we need a vacation at a spa!

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