January 26, 2010 at 3:10 am

Manic Mom Monday

A stream of consciousness post because I am past the point of trying to write a well put together post at this time of night after a very long day. I had every intention of writing something witty and even getting the post on the Shoprite contest and another giveaway done today. But the day has left me drained. Both physically and emotionally.

Gabriel went back to school today. Six days after surgery. And although I was a bit nervous as he has been spontaneously bursting into tears over every little thing, he did fine. He was most excited to return to school on his snack & leader day. You get to bring one thing that is special in on your show and tell day. He couldn’t decide. He was trying to choose between his face mask from surgery that the anesthesiologist gave him to take home and is strawberry scented (truly it is!) and the Honey Nut Cheerios box with me on it. He said that the surgery thing was cool cause everyone could smell it, but mommy on a cereal box was really cool. I didn’t want to make the kid choose-so I said go for it kid-take them both. And he did. He came home just fine, happy to be back into his routine and with no meltdowns.

I was equally excited that I had just two little boyz at home today. With Gabriel back in school, and it being Mocha Cub’s Dad’s day off, it was fairly calm today. So despite the gray, cool and rainy day I awoke with things to get done. So the day began. I emailed with my web designer. We started a blog spruce up. Check the end of this post with the new suggestions of other posts. See the new sections on the top right? New ad space and new media buttons instead of the random ones that previously littered the sidebars. Still a little more to do, but enjoying where we have gotten thus far.

I took the spoils of a particularly successful dollar store trip to the bathroom and did some work. I find dollar stores to have zonks and true bargains side by side. It is like a treasure hunt to find and then know what truly is worth your George Washington! I like the shower curtain liners. Especially in our small enclosed shower that despite every measure taken seems to mold rather quickly. I have my cloth shower curtain on the outside and just change the dollar store liner every so often. I also like the shower poufs. Those mesh baubles that allow us to put the tiniest dabble of shower gel in and infinite mounds of smelly scented bubbles come out. I replaced my own, being the female froufrou one of the family, and also the ones belonging to the kiddos. We tend to like a 2 or even 3 in 1 kids product around here, shampoos and body washes in one, for the little people. And Seth is lovin himself some men’s shower gel. Heading into tween years, I do believe.

After the bathroom I moved on to Nate the Great’s hair. Ever since Halloween and his debut as Charlie Brown, Nathan is fancying a crew cut. I sat him in a chair in the kitchen. Turned on the Cartoon Network, something usually saved for the older brother’s TV time. And he sat down and stayed still the entire time. Buzzed and bristly he headed up and showered.

We got up his brother, at which time I sat him on the bathroom counter and took his steristrips off. Because, of course, the day before Gabriel’s surgery Eli stumbled and hit his head and almost needed his first set of stitches. Nothing a good dose of liquid bandage and steristrips done by a nurse friend couldn’t take care of. Looks like the scarring should be minimal. But do you know why it didn’t surprise me? Because we call him E Knievel. He is a little dare devil. And when you consistently do things like that pictured there on the left, well once in awhile you’re gonna fall. never mind that I didn’t get the camera to work quick enough for the next step…when he lifts his arms in the air and says ta-ta. As in ta-da. My 17 month old (as of today!) perched atop a bouncy thing doing the equivalent of “look ma, no hands”! And yes, he’s wearing just a diaper. Cause that’s how we roll amidst the craziness of every day.

After lunch and the inevitable blogging emails the boyz did some imaginative Star Wars play in the playroom. At this time I wish to mention that even at the age of 10 months Eli had developed his own light saber/clone trooper gun/star wars battle mode sound. So in the relative calm of their self proclaimed amicable war I tried to call the spa. The one at the resort I head to in a month with my girlfriends. We spend one weekend a year at a scrapbooking retreat at a resort in the Poconos. Catching up on our hobby, not cooking, sleeping and waking when we want to, and doing spa treatments. Problem being I never remember to call and schedule them. We always get there, try to call down to the spa and then have to have random appointments, not together and at completely different times. So I was on it. A full month in advance. I googled the resort. I called the spa. And they are closed on Mondays. Who wants to take bets on whether or not I ever remember to get it done before we go the first weekend in March?

Picked up the big boyz from school. Went and got haircuts for them. Listened to Seth give his own instructions to the stylist. Yes, he uses a stylist. Because he wears his hair longer now. And when he would tell the barber “just a trim”, the barber would put on the longest length on the clippers he had and then go at it. Left the kid with a long crew cut every time. So now we got to the salon. And a stylist does. Gabriel went second and did surprisingly well for him.

John came home and three out of four had new haircuts. Things had gotten done. Dinner was on it’s way to finished and I about called it a night. Because every now and then you get so much done in a period of time that you just can’t do any more. And that is my now. So I have made the effort to not ignore you today, my blog readers, but this is all I’ve got. Hope your Monday was enjoyable, productive or not.

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