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February 2, 2010 at 6:34 pm

Influenced to Forgive

I was reminded today with comment on my personal facebook page that as a blogger I have influence. Whatever that “influence” over all of you, my readers, is I have decided today to share a very heartfelt and difficult post.

In April a friend of our family died. Unexpectedly. Tragically. One Sunday she was in church singing and praising God. The next Sunday we met amidst broken hearts to deal together as a church community one of our own being taken. She was a beloved wife for decades. A mother of two sons in their twenties. And more than anything her heart desired to be a grandmother.

That was April. Time has passed. I am very close to her son and daughter-in-law. Together we volunteered at a summer camp this past July. Like we do every year. Throughout the week her son talked with Daddy D and her daughter-in-law had deep, searching conversations with me. About taking the next step in their life together. At the close of the week they came to us and told us of the decision they had come to. They were starting their family. A few months went by and I got the most exciting news. From a picture texted to my phone. A stick with two lines. A new life was coming. January arrived. The sonogram happened. Another call. It’s a baby girl. In so many ways fitting and complete. Something that in our hearts we have known all along.

But that is not where this story is going. Here comes the hard part. The car accident that took her life was caused by a driver that was high. Not the first time the driver had driven under the influence of something. Not even the first time she had been caught.

The same week we found out that our friend had a granddaughter coming, her killer was sentenced. Which brings me to the victim statement. In a courtroom her husband got up and talked about how he would never get over the loss of his beloved companion. But he hoped for something else. For salvation for the killer.

When asked by the local paper for remarks, he said “As a Christian, I am not any different than she is, she is in need of forgiveness. Yes, I forgive her.”

I read these words in the paper. And I cried. I am proud to know this man. I have been touched both emotionally and spiritually by every member of this woman’s family amidst her passing. I have been taught the true depth of the Christian spirit from my friends. It is in forgiveness that we find freedom from what has been done to us.

Today I use my “influence” to share that with you.


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