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February 10, 2010 at 9:08 pm

Snow Day, Sick Momma & Last Day to Win a Webcam!!

I have been sick the last few days. Seems that Daddy D and I have strep. Yesterday I had tested negative for the rapid strep test, but just as the doctor predicted, I woke up this morning with a higher fever and lots of aches and pains.

Tomorrow is supposed to start our family vacation, but as of now we have an unknown departure time. For a five hour drive we need to be sure that the adults are healthy enough for the driving. And sick parents means that none of the packing is done.

My pet peeve is that the house is getting pretty topsy turvy. With Daddy D and I mostly residing on the couch and observing the clan, things have slowly but surely started cluttering up. I cannot leave for vacation with a mess to clean up when I get back! I think it would drive me crazy the entire time!

So right now Daddy D and I are taking turns tackling small cleaning up projects and then laying back down. Surprisingly, the boyz are helping as well. They are home today due to the doom and gloom snowstorm that fizzled and left us with a whopping three inches (pshaw!) and resulted in school being cancelled. But the living room slowly became devoid of toys. And the middle boyz even managed to clean up the playroom. It probably helps that we can see it from our perch on the couch and can keep reminding them to stay on task. But nevertheless, it’s done! Apparently the draw of the warm indoor swimming pool is a great motivator!

I am also running a little bit behind on my blog posts I have been preparing. So hopefully by this evening I will have them finished. In the meantime, be sure to check what’s new with the blog. And don’t forget to vlog,for the Logitech Pro900 Webcam that ends TONIGHT! Besides, you get to see me talk and be myself in the vlog, no longer just a faceless, voiceless bunch of words on your screen!

I leave you with my littlest buddy, Eli, and I chilling on the couch last night. Me trying to do some work online amidst day two of not feeling well and little E ecstatic over the remote control!

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