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February 19, 2010 at 2:38 am

The Boyz See Gilette Stadium, The Garden, & Fenway Park

My husband is a New Englander. Never mind that we have lived in New York for the majority of our marriage. No matter that we will live here for a very long time. He will always be a New Englander at heart.

So despite all four of my children being born in New York and being New Yorkers, not a single one loves a New York sports teams. Influenced by their father and his New England roots, they love them some New England sports teams.

While on vacation in the Boston area we took the oppurtunity to take them to see their favorite team sporting arenas. Albeit, mid-winter meant only exterior jaunts. But they were thrilled nonetheless!

On Sunday they got to see Gilette Stadium, home of the New England Patriots. This is Daddy D and da boyz, with Daddy D’s sister, Brother-in-law & our niece and nephew

On Monday we saw the TD Garden, where the Boston Celtics basketball and Boston Bruins hockey play on our way to the Boston Museum of Science.

And right before leaving Boston on Monday we stopped at Fenway Park. Where my second son, who actually has a poster of Fenway Park hanging over his bed, was more than thrilled.

It was a good couple of days for my New England fan base!

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