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March 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm

Snowpocalypse and Escaping to Stroudsburg!

We have survived the snowpocalypse of 2010 rather unscathed. Two back to back storms dumped about 2 1/2 feet on us in about 72 hours. Thursday and Friday weather conditions were so bad that they declared a State of Emergency in our county. We were lucky and did not lose power and the boyz and I were warm and toasty for the duration. Daddy D was not so lucky. He was out delivering mail every day last week, despite waist high snow. Which left us with a very tired and worn out Daddy D at the end of the day. He did, however, direct the minions in shoveling efforts…

I look at this picture and think that in a few years I will have a house full of huge guys able to attack mountains of snow in no time!

But in the meantime I am enjoying my little boyz reveling in the mounds of white stuff accumulating.

And this, this is Eli’s first romp in the snow. Last year he wasn’t much for snow being only a few months old. Mostly when the older brothers were ready for some outdoor snow playing, Eli was upstairs sleeping. So we bundled him up and set him loose. Surprisingly he enjoys the snow more than any of the other boyz at this age. Even when I brought his pink cheeked, runny nosed self in to warm up, he spent the few minutes before his older brothers made their way in banging on the back door and wailing to be let back into the fray. I was waiting for a “not fair” from his 18 month old mouth.

Which brings me to the fact that in the middle of the storm Eli Noel turned a year and a half old! Where did the time go?

Well, this morning the big boyz headed off to school for the first time in five days. I am enjoying the relative quiet of just two at home. And I am scheming and planning. Why? Because somehow in the hustle and bustle of a house packed with stir crazy sons I had pushed off my excitement. This coming weekend is my FAVORITE weekend of the ENTIRE YEAR! Why? Because I am going away. Sans kids and Daddy D. It is my scrapbooking weekend where we go to a resort in the Poconos and sleep in, eat yummy food we didn’t make, get pampered at the spa and scrapbook to our hearts desire. So excuse me while I do a little dance, start ordering my pictures and get excited beyond reason. Four days and Stroudsburg, PA–HERE I COME!

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  1. Your Eli looks like such a cutie all bundled up to play in the snow! I am just a little jealous of your fun scrapbook weekend…sleeping late sounds so nice:)

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