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March 12, 2010 at 5:21 am

A Kindergarten Letter

I wrote last week about Daddy D’s trip to Kindergarten to discuss all things mail delivery.

Tonight Gabriel got to play mailman and deliver a letter to his dad, and a giant one at that!

The letter literally took up the entire table, written on one of the large lined tablet pages from their classroom. It as beyond adorable!

Days like today remind me of the joys and simple pleasures of being a part of small town life. And it makes me stop and remember that little things like this, and staying in the moments that life brings, are the stuff that amazing childhood memories are made of.

Because I am sure that years from now we will talk about how Daddy D went to Kindergarten to talk about the mail and that in return Gabriel got to do Daddy’s job and deliver the BIGGEST LETTER EVER!

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  1. So cute! He must have an awesome teacher!

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