April 5, 2010 at 5:00 pm

Moments of Joy

I’ve been MIA the last few days. All of the hustle and bustle of the Easter holiday tripping me up a bit. House guests. Egg hunting overload. Tons to talk and write about.

But as today is the first day back to school from a week loonnnnng vacation for the big boyz, I am trying to recoup. The big, in depth picture posts will have to wait. Trying to get some sanity back. In the process I did not win the Mom of the Year award.

Seth takes daily medications for ADHD. His afternoon dose is at noon. The school nurse administers it. At 12:15 I realized that I had forgotten to go in and give the school this months doses.

Luckily my brother lives two doors down and after a quick call he scurried over to hang with the little boyz so that I could get my tuckus down to the school post haste.

Which brings me to my happy moment of the day. I happened to be walking in to the school as Gabriel’s class was on their way out the side door for recess. I watched as the line snaked it’s way out of the building and found him as he reached The Point. That special place where as a little kid having sat for hours in school you are let loose.

His little legs revved up, not unlike Scooby Do and Shaggy as there feet spin before fleeing whatever lays in wait. Off he went. Small legs swishing back and forth in his red track pants. Running at full speed around the perimeter fence of the play area. Then up the steps and to the slide. All the while with a huge ear to ear grin punctuated on the right with his great dimple.

It was an amazingly happy moment. He had such pure unfiltered joy that it spread across my face and made me smile so deeply my cheeks hurt.

Made me just a tad happy that I hadn’t done my mom job today and had to take that brief trip in. It was great to be reminded of the littlest things that make life happy. Today, for Gabriel, it was recess. For me it was his happiness.


  1. that's cute, I love that excited face when they don't know anyone is watching. well any emotion that is pure and natural is amazing to see but excitement is the best!

  2. Hi!!
    I'm a new follower. I have 4 boys too…AND my husband works for the Post Office! Weird huh? Come visit me if you get a chance!!

    Take care.

  3. We are in not too far away!! Yes I will have some pink around after will be strange! lol…feel free to follow me if you'd like! I am following you and it will be nice to read about all your men!!!

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