April 8, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Easter Blessings

This Easter Sunday we woke to a bright and sunny day. Even more wonderful was the fact that for the fist time in years it was warm here on Easter. Really warm. No long sleeves, borderline hot kind of a day. It was glorious!

We attempted our annual Easter family pictures in the backyard. Ironically it was so sunny that the boyz had difficulties keeping their eyes open, go figure!

I have come to accept that with four children under ten, at this point in our lives we will not get that perfect picture. I guess I will just have to look back and laugh. Especially with that Nathan!

Ah, it is what it is! Hope your holiday was wonderful as well!


  1. I think your family picture came out wonderful!

  2. I love your family picture!!!!!!

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