Eli Gabriel

April 12, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Sunday Drives

Yesterday we went for a Sunday drive. The Desrochers six piled into the minivan and headed off to destinations unknown.

We ended up in northeastern Pennsylvania. Visited a Kmart. Something that has disappeared from our neck of the woods. We bought Seth a new helmet for all activities involving wheels. We got a set of elbow and knee pads and wrist guards for Gabriel, as he is doing what he calls “training”. To the rest of us, that means he’s going “big boy” and learning to ride a two wheeler sans training wheels. In true Gabriel fashion he is tackling in twenty minute chunks every evening. He reminds us every night to take him out. Surprisingly he’s at the cusp of having it down in less than a week of trying. He has no problem balancing and staying upright. It’s the steering that seems to be a bit of a challenge.

After Kmart we hopped on the highway and headed east. Back to New York. After a little cell phone web browsing we were headed for a surprise stop. Met by a giant waving cup of limeade we arrived at a rarity in upstate NY…a Sonic. Huge handled shopping bag of food later we were stuffed. A bit disappointed that they were out of onion rings that smell and taste like the boardwalk of the New Jersey shoreline. Childhood summer vacation memories in a little cardboard container.

We arrived home in the early evening. A little tired from the travel, but happy to have enjoyed an afternoon together. For me, a much needed break from wrestling piles on the living room floor. For the boyz some time to play nintendo ds, to learn terms like “obelisk”, and topped off with bubblegum slushes.

Eli enjoying his straw after finishing his yummy drink!

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