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May 6, 2010 at 3:15 am

The Great Green Gaffe

We’ve been having a rather crazy kind of week. Not the good kind. One of those “pull your hair mommy is not happy with you little boyz” kind of weeks.

There was the incident where a rather angry Nathan grabbed a non-compliant Gabriel’s Nintendo DS mid-game and ran down a flight of stairs. In his fury he did the most hurtful thing he could do…he threw his brother’s DS in the toilet.

Fits of hysteria. Angry parents. Crushed Gabriel. Guilt ridden Nathan. We made it through with some tough love and a lot of hugs. Still waiting to see if the DS dries out. Right now it’s in a Tupperware full of dry rice. The jury is still out. I don’t hold much hope in a positive outcome.

To add insult to injury, poor Gabriel had his beloved Curious George ravaged by our dog Ginger. Yeah, look over there on the side bar…the one he’s hugging and loving. We have been searching the Internet and deciding on a replacement.

So Momma D is about spent. And it’s only Wednesday. This morning, in my already at my wit’s end state, Eli pulled a doozy. He found what we refer to as the “craft of the day” drawer. The arts & craft supplies for the kiddos to use.

He found his favorite new thing. Ever. Proceeded to take it into the living room and cozied up in his favorite chair. Inexplicably with the postal scale? And dumped it out all over. The entire value-size ginormous bottle of green glitter.

Half an hour of vacuuming, wiping up, scrubbing down and the chair was spared. Eli, not so much. He was not happy with the washclothes and attempts to remove his pretty sparkly green accoutrements. He yelled at me in his nonverbal, toddler way. Opening his mouth only to reveal more green shimmers on his teeth and tongue. More scrubbing. Spitting. Thankfully the label reads “non-toxic”.

In the end it was okay. He had a few moments of sheer joy as he swirled around in the emerald glory. Although tedious, it was cleaned up without any real damage.

And we have already had one extra special snazzy reminder in a rather spectacularly bedazzled diaper this evening.


  1. Oh no! I really feel for poor Gabriel… that monkey of his.

    Eli cracks me up. Green sparkles in his diaper! Poor mom!

  2. I had green crayon bits in the pamper the other week…what these kids don't eat!

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